Letter My injection in Finland and the reaction of friends in Italy

Letter My injection in Finland and the reaction of friends in Italy

A week ago, I was vaccinated at a medical center in the Finnish city of my residence, in honor of the shift suggested by regular bookings. Alternatively, I could have chosen the hospital as a location, but I wanted to pursue the idea of ​​not interfering with the medical activities of the operators in this area. I arrived at the set room 2 minutes before the scheduled time: maximum cleanliness of the premises, staff available for any question, peaceful atmosphere. My name rings on time and I enter the appropriate room: a helper fills out the vaccination sheet, and then sets a recall date of June 22 at 2.30pm. The doctor injects me with the vaccine, and finally I wait 15 minutes outside. Before leaving the room, he testified that he had injected me with the Pfizer vaccine without specifically asking. In practice, the absolute order. Over the days, it may seem natural and obvious, I have been in touch with friends, relatives and acquaintances for the most part living in Italy. I was able to find out earlier that none of them had been vaccinated yet, so everyone was more or less waiting for their chance to be spasmodic. I have not been back for a few hours, and here are some questions: I felt like I was in the guise of a guinea pig, and he should express something important and honest. OK: No one asked me what would be the most important and logical question in my opinion: Have you experienced any side effects since the vaccine was introduced? None of this. My interlocutors, although not everyone agrees, they are more coma, coma minus: which vaccine did they inject you? After my answer, a similar general sentence: Lucky, I will most likely touch AstraZeneca; Some of the answers also reflected misfortune, misfortune, and adverse judgment. Why this ugly ending?

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Mario Sconamila, mario.sconamila@elisanet.fi

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