Let’s wait for retirement

Let's wait for retirement

He will turn 68 in May – yet he returns to work from retirement, which he is only learning to enjoy. Udo Hinkelmann will take over the management of Ahlener WirtShaftsForderingSellShaft (WFG) on an interim basis until October.

After Winkelmann’s finished his last job as managing director of Immobilian GBR at the end of 2021, Udo Hingelman has now been on a deserving retirement for three months. For whom he had planned a lot of projects – read more, do more sports. The 67-year-old is an early swimmer who swims his length every day from 6:30 am in the park or outdoor pool, after which he can only run five kilometers and cycle 20 kilometers. A mobile home tour with his wife was also planned this year, and Scotland and Ireland have long been on the wish list.

But a few days ago, Hingleman received a call from Tim Ostendorf, chairman of “Pro Ahlein”, asking him if he could imagine becoming the interim managing director of the Economic Development Corporation (WFG). He can – agreed. “I’m a boy from Ahlan,” he said, justifying his spontaneous willingness, “I want to give something back to my hometown.” This makes the highest representative of this city very happy. The mayor said he was happy to have such a talented personality. Following a special meeting of the WFG Supervisory Board on Monday, Alexander Berger called for a briefing and unanimously approved the proposal.

Acting Managing Director Jorge Hakenesh, 50, announced in December that he would like to leave the company on May 31, 2022, eight years after taking over as Managing General Manager of Chip GmbH in Bochum. The position was announced immediately and the application deadline has now passed. “We are in the middle of the election process,” he said. At the press conference, Alexander Berger expressed confidence in finding a worthy successor to Hackenesh. However, if the notification period is monitored, uninterrupted change in the post will not be possible. However, Burger says the city and “Pro Ahlein” are no longer “vacancies” as WFG shareholders. At the same time, they “want to take time off from work,” Tim Ostendorf added. Udo Hingleman has the professional experience and networking experience needed to sustain WFG’s existing projects without much training during the transition phase.

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“I know Ahloan scene,” confirms the graduate business economist, whose career began with an apprenticeship for an industrial clerk at Vulcan-Werk Schwartz, and later through the office chair manufacturers “Comforto” and the Society for Automatic Data Processing (GAD). Munster, a 30-year-old Winkelman company, was the “right hand man” of senior boss Heinrich Winkelman for 22 years. After a generational shift at the top of the company, Hinglemann took a one-year leave of absence, and then worked for eight years in management positions at the milk producer “Humana” and most recently until 2018 until the Emsland-Stark GmbH in Emlysheim. Of benthim. Ahlelen has always been the focus of his personal life. Here he is known not only as a company manager, but also as an active member of the Civil Rifle Club, where he co-founded King Connie Buddy in 1986.

Hingelman never absolved himself of responsibility. However, he is respectful of the mission he is currently undertaking, albeit temporarily: “This is another new challenge, but I’m happy to take it on.” Tim Ostendorf is already convinced: “Let’s hope so and be smart enough to find the future head of the WFG.” It remains to be seen when he will finally be able to start in Ahlun, with Udo Hingelman signing first for the six months from May to October: “I’m flexible.”

Written by von Peter Harke

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