Letitia Wright suffers setback after sharing anti-vaccination video on Twitter

Letitia Wright suffers setback after sharing anti-vaccination video on Twitter

Black Panther (27) One Hour Video Video Covid-19 Vaccine: Should We Take It? He posted a praying hand with an emoji on his Twitter page titled.

The one-hour-long video is from the YouTube discussion channel On Table, and presents a monologue by presenter Tommy Aryomi, who shares his personal feelings about vaccines.

At one point he says: “I do not understand vaccines medically, but I have always been skeptical of them.”

He adds: “We can take it (the vaccine) and hope it doesn’t cause extra organs to grow, hope God you don’t develop children with 11 fingers and 12 toes, we hope for the best. We have seen that vaccines cause damage before. ”

The British star starring in Steve McQueen’s BBC series Small Ax has faced criticism from some fans for sharing the clip.

But Wright wrote that it was “valid” to ask what was there [a vaccine]”.

“If you do not agree with popular opinion. But ask yourself questions … you will be canceled, ”she wrote.

Actor Alex Sawyer responded to the post: “This is a frustrating and irresponsible use of a platform.”

Wright responded: “How is that? Have you paid full attention to this or have you come to conclusions about how I use my platform? ”

A fan warned her “they are going to make an example from you”, but she replied: “Make an example from me for asking if anything is right before taking my body. The fun world we live in. ”

Another Twitter user wrote: “That is the only way to get your answers [sic] It is to question the right people out of your uncertainty, otherwise you will fall into ignorance.

“Everyone can have an opinion, but your opinion needs to be properly backed up to create awareness.”

Wright replied: “I totally respect what you say here. I have also heard of their articles and videos being removed from medically qualified doctors. Is it still wrong to question what is happening? ”

In another response, she said: “It is not my intention to upset anyone, I am not saying not to take it. I’m worried about what’s in it. Isn’t it okay to question or ask? ”

Marvel’s fans shared Wright’s post with Don Cheddal, who plays James Rhodes / War Machine in the film series. He wrote: “Jesus went around through it. Hot waste.

“Every time I stopped and listened, he and everything he said was crazy and f *****. I will never defend anyone who posts this. But I will not throw her over it. The rest I will take to Twitter. I did not know. ”

Arayomi is described as “an internationally recognized and recognized prophet, speaker, author, and founder of the RIG Nation, a media platform with a Christian mission since 2007.

The description of the video reads: “Tonight I am talking about Luciferus, which is alleged to have been added to detect those who have not been vaccinated by the Kovid. Lucifer, named after its founder Lucifer ???

“Now this is only partially true of a fact-finding, but we are exploring this and more in the list.”

This comes after MP Damien Collins warned that anti-vaccine information was the biggest risk of escaping the global pandemic.

He said those who spread lies about a vaccine were “one of the clearest examples of real-world harm caused by false news.”

Facebook has also promised to remove false claims about new corona virus vaccines that could cause “imminent physical harm”.

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