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Somerville and Ross

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, two cousins ​​published several short stories and novels, nicknamed “Somerville and Rose”. Although she is one of the most interesting LGBTIQ authors in Irish literature, her work is still unknown in German – speaking countries. That must change now.

Edith Somerville (1858-1949) and Violet Martin or Martin Rose (1862-1915) wrote novels, travelogues, short stories and newspaper articles about two great cousins ​​who were closely associated with a lifelong love affair and career. This is how they earned their living “in the face of family ridicule, contrary to social expectations” – not only very successfully, but “especially artistically” in a combination of both styles.

Still, Somerville and Rose consciously adopted a feminine view of country, people, and history, thus highlighting famous women in “Through the Corner in a Governance Cart.” (The team reports how the lesbian slotline in the “Friends” series is currently being censored in China.)

Using this account of the voyage through the Conemara (county in Galway, west of Ireland) published in 1893, Cousins ​​II charmingly overpowered the kitish that existed in travel reports at the time. And reflected the great political and social upheavals that took place in Ireland until the end of the 19th century.

Simplicity and ridicule
Somerville and Rose combine “the sharp power of observation and the lightness and paradox of tone.” (MANNSCHAFT reports a completely different LGBTIQ journey in relation to the Spartacus Cruise 2022.)

German version of “Through the Eyes: With the Donkey Carriage of Ireland” (Photo: AvivA Verlag)

On March 16, the book will be translated into German for the first time “Through the Eyes: In the Donkey Carriage of Ireland” In Aviva Verlag, a retrospective of Elvira Willems.

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The publisher’s website says of her: “Elvira Willems studied German, comparative literature, and wrote a master’s thesis about women who traveled to Italy in the late 19th century. , And as a press officer, she never left traveling women alone: ​​she organized a conference in Sils / Engadin, Ann Marie Schwarzenegger, published related conference proceedings, wrote essays and reviews on the subject, and wrote in libraries and libraries throughout Germany.

Incidentally, “The Real Charlotte” from 1894 is one of the most famous books by Somerville and Rose. (MANNSCHAFT reports on Graham Norton’s autobiographical novel about Ireland, a strictly conservative country.

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