Leinster was too strong, Benetton tired

Leinster was too strong, Benetton tired

The Irish beat Treviso 61-17 to take the lead, with Azouri leading by a third straight knockout.

There is no story between them Benetton E Leinster Inn United Rugby Championship: Irish beat Assouri by one score in Treviso 61-17 So they overtook Ulster and came in first in the standings, and it comes down to the Venetian team Third consecutive defeat The playoffs are getting farther and farther away. Leinster scored nine goals in total, while Benaton was only happy with Piantella and Canon.

Third consecutive defeat to Benetton Treviso at the United Rugby Championship: The Irish of Linester are very strong, winning with a clear score of 61-17 and thus overcoming Ulster and flying to the top of the standings. On the other hand, for the Venetians, the play-offs are far from over. Guests who start off very strong and quickly impose their game physically: arrive with a conversion of Deacon’s goal by five minutes to go. Trevizo shrinks through Smith’s free-kick, but it’s only a shock: goals from Cronin, Larmore and Byrne in the remaining minutes of the first half, and then, as usual, Byrne’s conversions, have already shattered Bennett’s legs. In the second half the Irish lead from 28 to 3, the music does not change, Cronin goes for the goal early on and Byrne is transformed. At 51, Piantella warms up his team’s excitement, but in short the goals of Tracy (two) and O’Brien (later mistakenly Byron) still reach the final. Only the second half of the canon was bitter for Benaton. There is still time for O’Brien’s sixteenth goal in the recovery.

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