LEGO set of SARS-CoV-2

LEGO set of SARS-CoV-2

The reality is that panic acts faster than awareness in general, and SARS-CoV-2 makes headlines around the world. But in this new variant we should not panic, all the world has to do is pre-abandon and enter the higher level and take over.

Let me tell you a little bit.

Nature makes proteins like putting a LEGO game together, each piece is important, and where it goes is determined by the shape of the final elephant or giraffe of the toy. Incredibly, very different shapes are combined using the same building blocks, which is called imagination. Nature does the same thing, using a score of tiny blocks called amino acids, which make up the entire universe of proteins that make up all living things.

But there is a protein that we all fear, like the ring, called SPIKE in English or ESPIGA or ESPÍCULA in Spanish. The activity of this protein causes the virus to enter us, and its success depends on its shape, as in LEGO, and the choice of positive or negative or neutral building blocks for each location. Viruses change a lot to make those LEGO blocks more efficient, which is not by imagination, as I said before, but by evolution.

This evolution caused SARS-CoV-2 to produce 32 mutations, not 10, in the SPIKE protein in this new variant that caused world panic, which was discovered in Botswana a few days ago. And South Africa. There are 32 mutations, which have never occurred before in spike protein, and then progression to viral infection. Mutations always occur in dozens, but they help the virus in this way, and are very rare. That attracted scientists.

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But I tell you not to panic yet.

  1. Very few cases have been detected, and in these African countries, for good, there is a lot of viral sequencing going on. This means that it is still local and can be controlled. The World Health Organization seems to have issued a timely warning.
  2. Is very important. The new pandemic wave in Europe, as many have said, is not due to this variant. No, it’s still Delta and its Delta Plus lineage, which indicates that the world must continue to take steps to control the pandemic. Open society, but with control, plenty of control, and freedom of movement and control at the same time. The current good situation in Cuba does not have to be permanent, control must be maintained, let’s look at Europe and let’s not go back to it.
  3. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. I personally doubt it, but like everything in science, you have to study it to find out.
  4. Its immunosuppression into vaccines is still not critical, and it should not be worse than the beta variant in which our vaccines were effective. But it must be a very serious omission to change or update a vaccine.
  5. Most likely, in my opinion, Cuba’s booster dose strategy will allow us to maintain a high level of immunity against any incoming rod. We have amazing vaccines, these are facts, not opinions.

The other day I will tell you about other aspects of SPIKE Molecular LEGO, what makes so many mutations effective. If you love science, you will be fascinated to know. This is a simple and amazing phenomenon. Ayyyy EVOLUTION, Stop!

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