Learn the main symbols of Irish celebration

Learn the main symbols of Irish celebration


You will see almost every movie and series, in which all the characters dressed in green go out into the streets to drink and celebrate the life of Patricio (or St. Patrick’s Day). Traditionally on March 17th, the English colonized countries celebrate the patron saint of Ireland with parades and street parties, much like a big carnival.

Before I get to know the main symbols, I need to know a little bit about the history of So Patrio. After being enslaved by pirates, the saint joined the Catholic Church. After conversion, attract the Irish people and encourage private confession, as we know it today, because it was done publicly before. Since then, Patrio has been one of Britain’s favorite saints and his world-famous celebrity.

Green everywhere

Green is the official color of Ireland, as used by soldiers during the Irish Revolution of 1798, and many of the green areas of the country known as the Emerald Islands. The natives use the date of the patron saint of the country to celebrate the national history.

Three-leaf clover

The Catholic Church simultaneously believes in the Holy Trinity of God, the Trinity. In an attempt to simplify the explanation, Patricio only used the three-leaf clover to portray the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as a single person. During the revolt against the English, Shamrock became synonymous with resistance.

Celtic Cross

The work of St. Patrick combined the traditional Solar Cross (an important symbol of the Celtic people) with the Christian cross to convert the Irish Celts to Christianity.

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Leprosy or Leprosy:

An animal resembling a small man with ears. Representation belongs to clinical culture, which has become a symbol of Ireland and its traditions.


The fact that Irish are known to drink a lot of beer is not new to anyone, but few know that the Irish government has banned the use of alcohol on public roads throughout the year except March 17th. This edition increases the purchase of alcoholic beverages and doubles the sales of famous beer brands that day.

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