Leading physicist warns that contact with aliens could “end life on Earth”

Leading physicist warns that contact with aliens could "end life on Earth"

In the following months, Navy pilot encounters with UFOs appeared, which flowed across the sky at hypersonic speeds and defied the laws of physics. As suggested by some former U.S. military officials, the theory that aliens may be behind sight, not U.S. rivals like China or Russia, is widely accepted, and the nature of the events remains to be determined.

However, physical Mark BuchananThe former editor of the scientific journal Nature and New Scientist wrote an article in the Washington Post, citing U.S. Department of Defense videos showing Navy aircraft encountering “unidentified celestial phenomena.”

In his article, he argued that we should all be grateful that we still do not have evidence of contact with alien civilizations. “Trying to communicate with aliens, if they exist, is very dangerous for us.” “We need to find out if this is irrational or safe and how to deal with these efforts in an organized way,” he added.

Strict control at the national and international level

“The search for aliens has reached a level of technological and modern risks that require strict control at the national and international levels. Without supervision, even someone who enters a powerful broadcasting technology can take action that will affect the future of the entire planet, ”he wrote.

Buchanan argued that ultimately any alien we encounter would be far more technologically advanced than we are. “For one simple reason: most of the stars in our galaxy are much older than the Sun.”

Civilizations are millions of years ahead of us

“If civilization occurs intermittently on some planets, there must be many civilizations in our galaxy millions of years ahead of ours. Many of them would have taken significant steps to explore and possibly colonize the galaxy.

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Considering the potential risks of making the first contact, the physicist wrote, “It may be wise to wait” and argue that we need to decide collectively how to approach this discussion and ultimately “develop sensible control”. “It simply came to our notice then. Or soon, ”he said. “Before it was too late”.

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