Le Zebre, volunteers and professionals involved in the fight against Kovid

Le Zebre, volunteers and professionals involved in the fight against Kovid

The Rugby Zebras Open the doors of Sergio Lanfranchi Stadium at the end of the 2020/21 season and greet volunteers and professionals who spent and separated during the most difficult months of the epidemic, especially on the hottest fronts of the “Kovid-19” emergency. .

During the match against the Irish in Murster on Friday, June 11 at 7pm, at the Citadel of Rugby in Parma – the headquarters of Ducal City’s vaccination hub – the multi-color franchise will be able to re-embrace many of the club’s friendly heart associations. Ensuring the presence of their activities over the past year has made a significant contribution to the community despite the risks associated with the spread of the virus to other realities in the area.

As the stadium reopened to the public, volunteers from the association were invited as welcome guests Sears Yellow Cross Parma And Italian Red Cross – Parma Committee, Traffic Police Municipal Police in Parma, i Pharmacists, Health workersUniversity Hospital of Parma, Medical-Health Staff City of Parma Nursing Home – Health Partner of the Club – and Co-operative Society Connaught Center North, Partner in Italian training.

Athletes also attended Lomas Parma Game, Wheelchair basketball team Polysportiva Gioco Parma Competitive activities were able to resume at the Serie B National Championships last March after the most critical phase of the Pandemic Emergency. The “Geoko Parma” baskets are twin shirts with colors, and in the months leading up to the stadiums closing to the public, they never lost their joy and encouragement to Lanfranchi at Coach Bradley’s 16th international.

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A message of gratitude and support to those who continue to be personal partners in resisting the spread of “Kovid-19” and helping others. The Zebrae Rugby Club seeks to strengthen ties with the associations and professional bodies of Parma and its provinces who believe in the same values ​​of commitment and benevolence.

Statements by the President of the Zebra Rugby Club Michelle Dalai: We are happy to welcome the public and fans to the stands after the stadium has been closed for over a year. This is the first step towards a complete return to normal, and we would like to share with those who have been called in the coming months to put in a lot of effort to prevent and fight the spread of the virus. The contribution of these professionals and volunteers was fundamental at the most crucial stage of the fight against the virus, and we do not want it to be lost and forgotten when this dramatic stage of our lives is left behind. We look forward to welcoming them to Lanfranchi and renewing our support.

The Lanfranchi Stadium will be open to a maximum of 1,000 spectators during the match on Friday, June 11, and they will be able to attend the event with the distance and obligation to wear a mask.

Zebra Rugby Club has set the following prices for the match against the Irish of Munster scheduled for 19:00

  • Possible place to choose the region – 10 Presell in the circuit of Sciatica*
  • Under 6s – Sow birth
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* Eliminates the cost of preseason rights

Tickets for the Friday, June 11 Challenge can only be purchased online at the website Sciatica, Zebra rugby res official resale partner vendor, or one Beyond 750 point sale Skills The stadium area is active across the national area with the potential to pick one’s position.

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