Le Pupil Loop – The Epic and Ecology of a Spellbinding Story

Le Pupil Loop - The Epic and Ecology of a Spellbinding Story

Released in theaters on October 20th Wolf People, The third and final film in a series on Irish stories and legends from the animation studio Cartoon Salon. Brendan and Kells’ secret In 2009 et The song of the sea In 2014.

Like Miyazaki with Studio Ghibli, Tom Moore produces here a small gem of animation that touches young and old alike, through recognition and intrigue.

Wolf People Talks about the meeting of two worlds, two natures, and two children in the age of superstition and magic in seventeenth-century Ireland. Robin is a free and adventurous Englishwoman who fears her father and hunts wolves for the lord of the land. Mab is an independent kid, almost wild, and after all, half human. Their meeting disturbs their world and their beliefs, for the better.

The film deals with issues that are still relevant in our society, ranging from annoying differences to devastating superstitions. He raises the question of the environment and the relationship and conflict between man and nature.WOlfwalker “ In English, humans become wolves during sleep.

He spent more than an hour and a half marveling at magic and legend, and mesmerized by man’s greed and innocence. In addition to the meeting and the development of a strong friendship between the two main characters, Wolf People Not only does man pursue and conquer new territories, but he also highlights the important place of superstition and superstition.

Wolf People It is a magnificent and magical film that seduces young children and takes the elderly back to the wonderful world of imagination.

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