Lazio is only the last case

Ransomware, attacchi hacker per riscatto +300% con la pandemia

Cyber-attacks aimed at extorting ransom have been on the rise for the past year and a half. Against companies and infrastructure and institutions (such as the Lazio region).

We rediscovered the dangers of viruses, including computer viruses, with contagion. The hacker attack on the Lazio health system, which shattered the vaccine booking platform, was described by Governor Singareti as the worst ever experienced in Italy. It will be seen in the coming weeks, certainly not the first. The ransomware attacksThat’s more and more hackers attacking infected computers’ data and demanding a ransom to restore them. In the case of Lazio, the ransom request does not appear to have been formally filed, but the fact that the data was not stolen makes the robbery situation possible. On the other hand, as Stefano Sanero (Polytechnico de Milano) explained to Sky TG24, Lazio Region has publicly stated that it has not begun a discussion with hackers, but the purpose of the attack is to collect accurately. A ransom.

The most notable recent example is the May attack, which blocked the U.S. colonial pipeline, a major fuel supplier to the U.S. East Coast. This is not the first time the prey has become a health system: in recent weeks the Irish health system has also been subject to it. $ 20 million ransom It did not work. With the increasing relevance of the network, cybercriminals have done good business: by 2020, ransomware efforts will have tripled and will affect large and structured companies, The Financial Times reported And Report Sonicwall.

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We use conditional because the data only refer to publicly published robbery cases: in fact, affected companies may be persuaded to keep confidential to avoid bad publicity. Instead, experts advise condemning the attacks publicly and refusing to pay the ransom, avoiding the vicious circle that the successes of cyber-attacks lead to the spread of ransomware.

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Attacks have also taken place in Italy: According to the Clicht report, the goal is to extort money in two-thirds of cases. Since the onset of the epidemic, the attacks have included caliber companies such as Enel, Campari, Laxotica and Geox. In addition, as Lazio’s case shows, public governments are also vulnerable: the NRP government has acknowledged that 95 percent of PA’s servers are unsafe, and a deal to protect sensitive public data administration, including health care – will be in the pipeline in the coming months.

Note the interaction of Gabriel Giacomo (Assiteca) A Sky TG24 business. Click here To review the entire episode where they were also guests Antonio Cesarano (Intermont SIM) e Paulo Ferrario (E-work).

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