Lawsuit says McDonald’s discriminates against black franchises

Lawsuit says McDonald's discriminates against black franchises

മക്ഡൊണാൾഡിന്റെ ബ്രാഞ്ച്

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You do not know the facts of McDonald’s

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There is a space-themed McDonald’s in New Mexico

Although the infamous Roswell UFO incident of 1947 took place 75 miles from the city, believers were not prevented from flocking to their southeastern destination.

When McDonald’s was built in the city in the 1990s, the fast food company went up and out and created a branded space for location. It’s not just the architecture that follows an alien theme: the art and murals inside the restaurant’s galactic motif.

You can visit Hamburger University at the network’s global headquarters

If you’ve ever been to Chicago, be sure to add Chain’s global headquarters along the way and get a taste of some of the world’s most popular menu items. The university is a real school where students can focus on leadership and development. More difficult than it sounds Harvard.

McDonald’s is in Ohio

This McDonald’s in Independence, Ohio, trades with gold arches, playgrounds, magnificent chandeliers and cascading staircases.

Two states alone have more than a thousand McDonald’s

California and Texas have the highest McDonald’s in the country, with 1,286 in California and 1,189 in Texas. Florida is in third place with 907.

You can get lobster at McDonald’s in Maine

While in May! McDonald’s in Freeport was the only McDonald’s in the state, but now has 62. Seafood lovers can even add lobster rolls to their orders.

With this McDonald’s in Massachusetts you can go back in time

Finished with white and black checkerboard tile flooring, vinyl booth and neon decoration, this retro-inspired restaurant in Fairhaven gives us great nostalgic vibes.

This New York McDonald’s is the most attractive

Located close to the Jericho turnpike, fans of the network flock to this McDonald’s for its beautiful and southern-inspired architecture, long porch and closed windows.

This McDonald’s looks like a train

All at McDonald’s in Barstow, California! The restaurant also has a few culinary tenants from Barstow Station, which is made up of 16 strain train cars. Users can dine in passenger train cars, which seems to be the following on Instagram.

McDonald’s lowest paid state …

North Dakota is the lowest-grossing McDonald’s at 25 locations. Vermont 26, Washington DC 27, Wyoming 29, and South Dakota 30.

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Chief executive Chris Kempsinski told CNBC in June that diversity was critically important and needed to touch every aspect of its business.

He justified McDonald’s record that the Chicago-based company “created more billionaires than any other corporation within the black community, but there is still work to be done.”

Ferraro called the claim a “total hogwash” as the number of black franchises has dropped from 377 to 186 since 1998.

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More than 90 percent of McDonald’s 14,400 U.S. restaurants recently operated 1,600 franchises.

The company updated its values ​​before filing a lawsuit against sacked chief executive Steve Easterbrook.

Easterbrook said the case was unfit.

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