Lawrence Fox News: Twitter users call for bizarre boycott of Sciencebury Actor UK | News

Lawrence Fox News: Twitter users call for bizarre boycott of Sciencebury Actor UK |  News

The actor has revealed that he will no longer shop in Sainsbury’s because he acknowledges “racial segregation and discrimination.” In a controversial tweet, he wrote: “Dear ain Sainsbury’s. I will not shop in your supermarket again when you promote racial segregation and discrimination.

“I sincerely hope that others will join me. RT #BoycottSainsburys ”

He added “read more here” with a link to Sainsbury’s website and a statement explaining how they support Black History Month.

The post came after a supermarket shared a tweet in support of Black History Month.

It read: “We are proud to celebrate Black History Month with our black colleges, customers and communities, and we will not tolerate racism.

“We proudly represent and serve our diverse community, and anyone who does not wish to shop with a retailer can shop elsewhere.”

But some Twitter users were confused by the logic behind Mr. Fox’s tweet.

One user wrote: “I agree with what you say, so this is not a critique, but I do not understand why it promotes racial segregation.

Are companies not allowed to celebrate sections of their workforce?

“I do not see any reason to join a boycott here.

“But it’s also interesting to see if the” abolition of culture “strategy is a good way to express dissent.”

In response, Mr. Fox wrote: “This is my nearest supermarket.

“Yes, I do not cancel them.

“They will not get my practice until I address their reactionary, separatist policies.

“They also point out the racial pay gap in their literature. What do you think about it? “

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