Law Library, the “home” of barristers in Ireland

Law Library, the "home" of barristers in Ireland

Law Library, “Home” Barrister In Ireland

There’s a place I want to tell you about Ireland Law LibraryLocated in the complex Four courts, The main seat of the Dublin Court. I want to tell you about it, because it is restricted to the public and it will be difficult for you to see it even if you want to.

Years ago I decided to take my first course Legal English With an Irish lawyer for training in English law and legal terminology. I turned to a local agency – we are still in contact with the former lawyer owner who created an English school for languages ​​(financial, economic, legal, etc.) in the region, and over time beats the competition. Many years ..

He assured me that he would take the course with a lawyer – an Irish colleague – so I booked my week in Dublin.

However, the first e-mail I received from an Irish colleague was disappointing … not because of the content, but because of the reading @ At his mailing address, I immediately guessed that he was working in the court library or something. I was looking Real work, you know… So I started my first day with some confusion.

The course turned out to be extraordinary, and the Irish colleague was able to satisfy all my curiosities, dispelling my doubts about my self-taught Anglo-Saxon law studies for years. Thanks to her I also decided to qualify as Advocate In Ireland, England and Wales.

But let’s come back Law LibraryUnusual, mysterious place, forbidden to anyone Barrister. In Ireland, as in the so-called United Kingdom and other countries General lawThere is a distinction between abilities Advocate E Barrister – Both are lawyers, but the second is going to hearings and doing court work.

A. Londra i Barrister Organized in ChambersBuildings where they have their own studio and work as freelancers Advocate From time to time to prepare documents and discuss a case or to make comments on specific matters on which they specialize.

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In Dublin, on the other hand, i Barrister They work within the court Law Library, A large room with a very high ceiling, wooden shelves covered with books on the walls, and several desks with folders and documents in the middle. And the human factor? There is that too, because the big room is well crowded and everyone has a toga and a wig,

If they do not take it to rest for a moment on the table full of paper. Inn Law Library I’m working Barrister This place in the heart of the court is reserved for them. Inn Law Library I. Barrister They study, write, and prepare for discussions about the causes of hearing loss.

As easy as it is to imagine, there are only a handful of pictures and videos of this place, but what we have is that professionals show intent to work or discuss – the vast majority of 80s photos were of men, but the percentage Barrister Women have grown significantly over the last twenty years. We also find it in vintage photos Barrister Those who smoke inside Law Library.

Despite being a workplace Law Library There is always a lot of confusion, partly because of the vague cry of the gods Barrister In short, it looks like a huge hive is in operation, as we are constantly on the move to retrieve a document or text and talk to some colleagues.

This dynamism is also due to young people Barrister Newly qualified job practitioners follow their own step-by-step instructions Master (il Barrister Sr.) To study the profession. Apprenticeship lasts at least a year, so to speak The devilThey are young Demons. Unlike other contexts such as Chambers In London,

In a comfortable atmosphere Law Library Young people Barrister They have the opportunity to discuss, ask questions, discuss cases and observe more experienced colleagues.

Therefore, the Law Bookstore It is nothing more than a silent library where one can read silently, but a workplace where discussion, learning, learning and socialization are possible … in short The actual action, you know.

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