Laurent’s trip to Ireland longer than expected

Laurent's trip to Ireland longer than expected

Our guest is in Dublin, Ireland. His name is Lawrence! He lived in Val di Ois and studied in 10 and 4 Arrondissements (Rue des Francis bourgeoisie) near Des Vos de Paris. He loved the shores of the Seine and the small restaurants and bars on the Bastille side, and went to the theater 3-4 times a week.

Laurent joined Dublin in 1999. He left ൽle-de-France for a few months and never returned, building his life in Ireland. There he met his girlfriend (Emma) and started a family (2 boys named James and Kylian) and he quickly started his own business. Today it has many branches in various European countries. He lives in the Black Rock area of ​​South Dublin.In an apartment with a sea view. The decoration is magnificent. No metro, but you do a lot of walking or biking.

Elegant Irish decorations

The first shock to him: language ! He spoke good English but was sure he would pass easily, so he got into a taxi and ran away. The difficulty of the language and the flow of Irish.

Temple Bar in Dublin
Temple Bar in Dublin

Dublin is an easily accessible and very cosmopolitan city. In Paris, we dine with friends at a restaurant, but in Dublin, it’s not uncommon for everyone to talk without communicating with other tables. The French community is very united and very positive, and the French are very popular in Dublin. The Irish have a very romantic image of ParisEven Idolic because of fashion, luxury, architecture and French gastronomy.

Ha Penny Bridge in Dublin
Ha Penny Bridge in Dublin

Dublin and the rest of Ireland are quite different. Dublin is dense and festive. Ireland is more magical. We take a small train that runs along the coast, which is amazing. The countryside is uniquely green. There are always a thousand places to see: forts, streams, caves … the Irish are great storytellers. They are fans of legends. Laurent never tires of Irish culture and landscape. They all have artistic talents in their families: storytelling, violin, dance … in a matter of minutes an evening can turn into a real show.

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