Launches graphic packaging initiatives

Graphic Packaging multiplie les lancements

Cartoon maker Graphic Packaging International is developing new solutions to meet the need for alternatives to plastic packaging. For new products, it launches the ProductPack boxboard range. Presented as “An environmental solution with a side effect”, This product is designed for fruits and vegetables, “Field to Store”. Available in a variety of formats, it can be fitted with carrying handles. It is suitable for manual or mechanical packaging for small or large production. Its reinforced angles allow it to be easily stacked.

Replace compression wrap

Another innovation from the American group: Cap-It for plastic bottle packs. The system is intended to replace shrink wrap films. Intended for 4 to 8 bottle packs, it is also suitable for can and glass bottle configurations, said Roxanne Maxpaden, director of marketing and new product development for drinks in graphic packaging. It describes other benefits of this solution, which complements the keyclip device that Oscar presented for packaging in 2020: The cap-it fastener uses a small amount of cardboard while reinforcing the contrast of the products on the shelf. Products can be viewed from absolutely all angles. This unique design ensures integrity throughout the distribution network and facilitates transportation for users. “

Paper seal trays

In addition, the carton manufacturer announces investments in production capacity in Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Greece and Australia to meet consumer demand for paper seal trays. Intended for “skin” type vacuum packaging, they are made of cardboard lined with laminated film. Italian manufacturers G. They were developed with Montini.

Graphic Packaging International specializes in cardboard based packaging solutions for the food, beverage, home and other consumer products industries. The group has a turnover of $ 6.6 billion in 2020.

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