Launch of the James Webb Space Telescope

Launch of the James Webb Space Telescope

The Space Observatory, with a mission of $ 10 billion (223 billion crowns), is 1.5 million kilometers from Earth and five times farther than the Moon. The Moon will fly to the second Lagrange point, which balances the gravitational pull of the Earth and the Sun. The device can take up to five months to prepare and test before it can begin scanning the telescope universe.

The Web telescope will be the largest and most powerful man-made space telescope ever launched. When the first stars and galaxies formed 13.5 billion years ago, they must have overseen the beginning of our universe. According to NASA, it will directly observe a hitherto unseen part of space and time.

Named after President Kennedy’s NASA director who brought the United States to the moon during the Apollo projects, this telescope carries space observation equipment, mostly in the infrared spectrum. Observing the stars and their planets is the easiest way, and their brightness is normal – not as different from the spectrum visible to humans.

Astronomers see more of this, but they see more, which means one thing when they observe the universe: they see more of the past. From the far end of the universe, light travels to the observer, which is technically more. Because light from distant galaxies gradually expands due to the redshift of the universe, the infrared spectrum is ideal for observing distant and therefore older objects. By the way, the sensitivity of the JWST is so high that it is entirely theoretically possible to observe the heat radiating from the Earth to a bumblebee flying over the Moon.

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It’s a tool that carries many technical “best”. It has one of the eighteen largest solar shields in the world, consisting of the world’s smoothest hexagonal gilded mirrors (differences in the width of atoms), making it one of the most expensive projects in space astronomy: the real hope that one day mankind will find aliens.

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