Late show viewers praise Hurling hero Henry Sheffield for volunteering to help the homeless

Late show viewers praise Hurling hero Henry Sheffield for volunteering to help the homeless

TV viewers praise Henry Sheffield as a legend on and off the pitch for volunteering time to deal with the homeless crisis.

Kilkenny Icon is a lawyer for Focus IrelandShine brightlyA campaign aimed at raising funds to help the homeless Here.

The charity has set a $ 1.3 million target – $ 1.1 million has already been raised as people across Ireland sleep in their homes, gardens and workplaces.

Shefflin, a 10-time All-Ireland champion, took to the streets of Dublin last weekend to provide food and clothing for the homeless.

He posted on Instagram: “Last night we joined Kilkenny in Dublin ‘helping the homeless’.

“These charities do a lot of work and it was really an experience to be a part of reality.

“We walked all over inner Dublin and met a lot of people from different regions.

“Winter is coming, the nights are cold, and these people need our love, warmth and kindness.”

Because, on the Late Late Show tonight, he explained to Ryan Tubridi why it is important to him.

Henry Shefflin joined Ryan Tubridi

Henry Shefflin on the Late Late Show

Connor Moore tweeted: “Henry Sheffield is doing great things off the field now! Top class! Oc FocusIrlandTRTELateLateShow. “

Hill 16 Army Account tweeted: “What a great man Henry Shefflin was. # Shine brightly To help our homeless at the late show there. Epic. “

Buff Eagen commented: “Fair play with Henry Sheffield is helping raise awareness for the homeless. It’s nice to see a hurling legend like him do something very important. These people have forgotten more than ever. Henry is still king in more ways than one. #latelate

Ken O’Grodie joked: “The day Henry Shefflin tore Cork to pieces was not my favorite person, but some player !!!

Richard Joyce added:TRTELateLateShow Henry Shefflin – A legend in every way. The best ambassador in the sport # Humanity#realChampionOc FocusIrlandIm Simon Community

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