Late Lior Ishto’s sister in heartwarming post: “I will always remember my Lior”

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Rachel, the sister of the murdered Lior Ishto, responded to the publication on Ashdod Net about the publication ban order issued by the police based on the details of the incident in which her brother was killed 10 days ago, said about her brother. Studied in the science class of the third circle, was always the first to help in everything: “A despicable and irrepressible man, without your knowledge, came from behind and took your life” – she writes. The whole post, we haven’t touched

Lior Ishto during his time as a warrior

“I will say a prayer for my loved ones far away,
May he be perfect and know no evil
Lovers with eyes full of truth,

Not only do I love!

my leory,
9/8/22 Thursday, a day that will forever be remembered by me and my entire family…
my liar,
Liar with bright eyes, smile revealing dimples..
With a big heart,
Everyone who knew you knew that you were the first to help and stand up in times of trouble and happiness…

Liar, science class at McKiff C!
Lair is an infidel warrior!

You all completed with honors!

You were the light of the family, you were born on the holiday of light,
After a difficult period,
That family is in the dark!
You came into this world while your older brother Shalom was fighting for his life, he was only 4 years old.

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Thanks to you, we can smile and see more beautiful days..

We’ve got you covered in cotton wool,
We made sure that you will be better than everyone else in every field and so it was,
In studies, you never gave up for a moment and proved yourself to be the best despite all the difficulties.
As a non-believer fighter in the army, you supported and encouraged, you were an inspiration to your friends and commanders,

You were first in everything,
Leor, my little brother, I don’t want you to die first.

You still have a lot ahead of you my Iori..

Throughout the holiday, your friends came in shocked and surprised,
Don’t understand how the worst happened.

With unspeakable love for friends

We were shocked to see my Lear…

Thursday, 8.9.22,
After dinner, he left the house smiling and happy while sitting with his mother.
Little did you know the worst was ahead of you.

A mean and unruly person,
The worst kind of cowards
without knowing you
Came from behind and took your life

Why?! So!

Why?! False identity

Why?! Because you have reached a state that has nothing to do with you!

Because you look like one!

An indescribable catastrophe!

I will always remember you with my 3 dimples Lear..

Be brave brother
Our father is with us…

We are here to do full justice and clear your tarnished name

Love you so much and always

Your sister Rachel!”.

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