Last word: bee

Le mot de la fin : abeilles

The last word / 31.08.2022

As winter approaches, the blockage is again in full force in Great Britain and Ireland. It’s not unusual for some events – less steep compared to France, especially over hurdles – to turn into mostly flat races because the sun is so low and blind. Entire sections of obstructions are avoided. But we’re not in winter, and on Wednesday at Worcester, it wasn’t the sun that prompted the marshals to ask that no fences be jumped in the first race, and then the first two fences in the second race… but the bees! A group is definitely settled on the side of an obstacle.

Bees get a little lost on a racetrack, it happens! We remember the race being delayed near Chantilly in 2013 for the same reason… On a non-equestrian note, the poor bees are not having a good summer, they are suffering from the heat and lack of water. forcing them to travel long distances to find something to quench their thirst. If you have bees at home – essential to biodiversity – you can do a good deed by keeping some water nearby.

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