Lanzante P1 Spider, McLaren P1 Coupé How I Transform

Lanzante P1 Spider, McLaren P1 Coupé How I Transform

Signed by Paul House. He is not the only hero of transformation P1 Spider Launcher But McLaren’s reliance on the designer of the P1 was an essential contribution to Lanson’s team for bringing to life and imagining the transformation of the spider.

It starts with a special request, a Customer already owns McLaren P1, willing to explore the concept of spider. Yes, but how? The roof, an integral part of the P1 coupe’s carbon monocoque structure, is the largest design limit that can be overcome.

House’s knowledge backed up the work of Lanson’s technicians, in short, it promises a transformation. 5 Examples, everything starting with a McLaren P1 must be revisited and already in the garage.

Spider, however, is loyal to P1 design ideas

“The original idea was to incorporate organic components into carbon, organic fluidity, layering, and beautiful leather. A visual representation of airflow.”Howell explains in describing the P1 coupe hypercar.

“We wanted to continue to improve this theme with the P1 Spyder. There are some hidden changes in the design..

Roofing and towing are some of the challenges

Removing the roof, in addition to the structural challenge, also involves the removal of the airscope. How to power a 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 engine? Air is channeled through integrated slots in the flying buttocks to hide anti-tip structures.

The cut of the windshield has been modified, replacing the entire central volume of the hypercar, and the Lanzante P1 Spider is designed to be used in all open configurations. Whether it is rain or ultraviolet rays, the interior coatings are weatherproof and weatherproof: leather and superfabric perform this mission.

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The first units of the style transition will be delivered by the end of the year. There is no change in the technical solutions of the 915 horsepower electrified 3.8 liter V8 engine. The lack of a roof is compensated by the solid solutions for the monocoque built into the height of the sills.

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