Language residency in Ireland: an increasingly popular choice!

linguistique en Irlande

As its name suggests, a language trip aims to strengthen your knowledge of a language and discover a foreign culture. A journey is comfortable and profitable. Often, this linguistic immersion takes place abroad, in a country where locals speak the target language on a daily basis.

A language accommodation to become bilingual in English

Nowadays, speaking English has become a necessity or a necessity. English has established itself as the language of international communication. In the globalized world of work, being bilingual is often a prerequisite, even if you work from France.

Language accommodation remains a very effective way to progress quickly. Also, living abroad is an important asset on a CV. When the experience is successful, you leave for a few weeks and you come back with a command of Shakespeare’s language that will make your friends pale!

Being bilingual in English means that you are comfortable communicating in English in most situations. What better way to test and consolidate your knowledge than a language trip and total immersion?

You also have the opportunity to validate your knowledge on site by following a diploma course. In effect, Some language travel organizations There are also exam centers that provide a certificate of level or even an international certification at the end of the stay.

Traveling Abroad: A Career Advantage

Living abroad is also a real plus when applying for a job or training. This shows your recruiter that you know how to step out of your comfort zone and be open-minded and adaptable.

A language stay not only helps you improve your level of English, but also helps you develop your confidence and social skills useful for your studies or career.

Immersed in the language and culture of the country

Only a long stay abroad will allow you to effectively learn the English language, grammar, and vocabulary and immerse yourself in English-speaking culture on a regular basis.

This is even more true of Ireland. Ireland is truly a country that lives from within. Although Irish culture is well exported abroad, mainly through its music and dances or events such as St. Patrick’s Day, a language stay allows you to find yourself far from the clichés.

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Election of Ireland

Therefore, those who wish to improve their level of English choose a language residency in English-speaking countries such as England and the United States as well as Ireland.

A unique historical and natural heritage, preserved traditions and vibrant cities make Ireland an ideal setting for a linguistic and cultural stay.

Moreover, after Brexit and the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, France became the first European neighbor of the Emerald Isle!

It is also worth noting that a trip to Ireland for students is actually much easier than going to England. Of course, since Ireland is a member of the European Union, a passport is not required to enter the territory. Your identity card will suffice.

The language will survive in Ireland

Choosing a school in Ireland

Most of the time when you dive abroad, you take courses A language school Participate in excursions to discover the area. During your stay, you live in the country and interact with native speakers on a daily basis.

Even more so if you’re staying with locals. There is nothing better than getting the correct pronunciation, perfecting your pronunciation and learning new linguistic expressions.

A language stay in Ireland is guaranteed to improve your English while enjoying an unforgettable experience. An internship abroad rhymes with playful learning about language and culture. Institutions offering language accommodation Be sure to combine the useful with the comfortable. You learn English and use your free time to explore the surroundings, play sports alone or in groups, and learn about local traditions. All these cultural or sports activities are conducted in English.

It’s proven, we memorize more easily when we enjoy learning!

Ireland remains a language between tradition and modernity

The United States, Canada, … You don’t have to leave Europe to find an English-speaking country. Since English doesn’t rhyme exclusively with England, why not stay in Ireland to practice the language and discover a thousand-year-old culture.

As we have already mentioned, Ireland is a member of the European Union and is also a country not far from the continent and France. The journey to get there is very short (a one-hour flight from Paris), thanks above all to low-cost airlines. The local currency is the Euro, which will allow you to plan your stay with ease.

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You don’t have to go far to see the world. Ireland is a multicultural country, dynamic and determinedly looking to the future, yet it remains firmly rooted in its roots. The population of its big cities (Cork, Galway, Limerick…) and especially its cosmopolitan capital Dublin is young and colorful.

Ireland: Spectacular scenery and nature!

Ireland is a little green cultural gem. You can choose between taking advantage of the cultural offer and entertainment in major city centers such as Dublin or Cork, or recharging your batteries in the heart of nature. Lush landscapes, medieval castles, vertiginous cliffs and welcoming inhabitants make you a unique experience.

Really, Ireland has nothing better in terms of scenery. The pronunciation there is surprising at first, but not as pronounced as in Scotland. If you decide to stay with a host family, be aware that the Irish are known for their hospitality.

Landscapes Ireland

A language accommodation tailored to your expectations

Once you have chosen for Ireland, you need to choose the language course that best suits your profile and your goals.

Destination, length of stay, program of courses and activities, type of stay… options for stay are multiple. There is no shortage of organizations offering language accommodation.

Whether it’s a language course for adults or a “summer camp” for teenagers, it’s best to pass An Irish Training Institute.

Of course, if you want to go with a tour operator or a French service provider or enroll your teenager in a summer camp from France, make sure that the number of French speakers is not too high among the participants so as not to be tempted. To speak French during the stay. The initial goal is to practice English and we will favor an international environment.

Choose a reference school

An organization should be careful to choose an institution known for its seriousness and the quality of its courses and accommodation offering.

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Thus, through the intermediary of recognized institutions such as passed for example Center for English Studies (CES), you choose a language school with 40 years of experience in welcoming international students. CES is an accredited place to study English in Ireland. CES is an international network of English language learning centers, one of which is one of the best in Dublin.

CES offers different formulas for adults and teenagers to live in a shared residence or in a room with a host family. You choose the training program that suits your age, level and your expectations. A true place for exchanges and meetings, CES welcomes students from all over the world throughout the year.

English lessons, cultural visits, sports activities; You practice the language in an English-speaking and multicultural environment.

Dublin: Learn English in the heart of the Irish capital

As one of the best English language schools in the country, CES is the perfect setting for your language stay in Ireland. CES is two modern classroom buildings in the heart of Dublin city. Not far from the International Airport and a stone’s throw from Trinity College, Dublin Castle and the Temple Bar District, CES offers an ideal environment for study. A couple of rooftop gardens or cafeterias are great places to make new friends.

Temple Bar Pub, Dublin

The classroom is considered an ideal space for interaction. Emphasis is placed on group dynamics to help develop your speaking skills in authentic communication situations. Intensive course, English for specific objectives and preparation for Cambridge exams, the course offer is varied and of high quality. It is up to you to find the program that meets your needs. Note that CES is the largest testing center for the international IELTS English language test.

Doing a language course at CES means living a rich human experience in the heart of the European capital, Dublin.

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