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Lana Del Ray gets hot for wearing a mesh mask at her book signing

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The king’s woolTwitter’s comments are in trouble again.

On Friday afternoon, singer-songwriter Los Angeles performed an amazing role at Barnes & Noble, where she met with fans and signed the physical copies of her book of poetry, Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass. Lana announced the event in an Instagram video, in which she wore what looked like a mesh mask – similar to what she gave in the September issue Interview.

Moments after Lana’s announcement, social media users began to blast the artist for failing to wear a mask. Coronavirus. Many pointed out that her mouth and nose were very visible by covering her face, which made it much easier for the virus particles to spread. It should also be noted that the mesh mask was not worn for the initial video; They gave it in a meeting and greeting with the fans.

To reduce the spread of the virus, the Disease control centers It is recommended to cover the face completely with three lids of washable and breathable cloth and completely cover the nose and mouth. As you can see from the photo signing, Lana’s mask does not meet CDC standards.

Below you will find some responses to Lana’s Mask Choice.

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