Lamborghini – Artist blows up a sports car in protest against cryptocurrency / HB

Lamborghini - Artist blows up a sports car in protest against cryptocurrency / HB
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Lamborghini Hurricane explodes (Photo: Shl0ms)

A Lamborghini Hurricane worth $ 250,000 exploded on camera by a contemporary artist nicknamed Shl0ms to protest against cryptocurrencies.

Performance Culture aims to enrich the dominant fast in the crypto community.

As part of his work, Shl0ms exploded and filmed a used Lamborghini Huracan worth about $ 250,000 in the American desert.

It took two weeks to prepare for the shoot, and on February 2, 2022, a sports car exploded.

Despite the action against the crypto community, the artist’s team recorded a rotating video of each car piece in 4K resolution, producing 999 non-fungal tokens. (NFT).

The auction for the sale of these digital assets will take place on February 25th. Shl0ms stated that he spent $ 1 million on the project.

888 NFTs are planned to be sold, and the remaining tokens will remain with the team and the artist. Proceeds will be spent on a new crypto project Moral-minded “partners.

“I hate Lamborghini, so I want to destroy one of them,” said the show’s author.

Previously, Shl0ms smashed a urinal with a personal autograph and created an NFT collection from its fragments, which sold for $ 500,000.

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