Lal Property shows the potential of leading corporate governance in Thailand RYT9

Lal Property shows the potential of leading corporate governance in Thailand  RYT9

Another Evidence of Lalit Property Excellence The Corporate Governance Survey of Thai Listed Companies (CGR) continued to develop the organization until 2021, when it received a 5-star corporate governance assessment score “Excellent CG Scoring” from 716 companies. Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) with the support of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. And the office of the SEC

Lalin Property Public Company Limited (Lalin) Managing Director Shri. The developer of quality real estate projects under the concept of Churath Chakrakul reveals that the company has never stopped developing functional capacity to generate sustainable growth for the past 35 years. The organization, which is committed to the principles of ESG Management for Sustainable Growth, places great emphasis on “people” and on developing the ability of members of the organization to develop knowledge to maintain a good quality of life and care for employees. The opportunity to use their full potential to improve the quality of life and give customers a new life experience is important.

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