Lagarde & Co: ECB bankers invest their money in these stocks

EZB-Präsidentin Christine Lagarde und Chef der deutschen Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann

ECB President Christine Lagarde and Dutch Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann

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Each year, the European Central Bank publishes a document indicating that board members invest their personal money in personal equities and funds.

ECB President Christine Lagarde invests her money in only two funds, while board member Isabel Schnabel invests in 44 personal stocks and funds.

The other national central bank governors, Ignacio Visco (Italy) and Yannis Stamonnaras (Greece), have no stake.

This 94-page report is a must-read for investors: Every year the European Central Bank publishes a document indicating which individual stocks and funds the board members invest their personal money in.

The Board of Directors consists of six members of the Executive Board and the Presidents of the National Central Banks of the 19 member countries of the Eurozone. It is the highest decision-making body of the European Central Bank.

They are the decision makers in our monetary policy, setting interest rates and aiming to keep prices stable. In a nutshell: they are the most powerful bankers in Europe and we see them investing their own money. But: The information remains rough, referring only to funds held by ECB bankers or personal stocks, not to how much money is involved.

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The head of the Dutch Bundesbank, MSCI, is investing in the world

ECB boss Christine Lagarde says she will invest a portion of her assets in two funds: BNP Paribas Europe Dividend Multipipe 2, which invests in high-yielding European stocks, and Odo BHF Polaris Moderate DRW. This fund of private bank Odo BHF includes bonds, global equities, bank balances and certificates, hence a wide variety of mixes. Even more exciting: The ECB president reveals that he is also investing in unlisted real estate companies, the Real Estate Transparency Corporation and the real estate company in France.

Jens Weidmann, head of the Dutch Bundesbank, is pursuing a very good investment strategy. The former head of the economic and economic policy department of the Federal Chancellor invests his money in MSCII World and Extracurriculars Dox, which monitors the development of 30 standard stocks in the leading German index.

Isabel Schnabel, a member of the Board of Directors since 2020 and the only woman close to Lagarde on the 25-member committee, has a very exciting portfolio compared to Weidmann’s conservative portfolio. The former economy invests in 44 different personal stocks and funds. This includes tech giants Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alibaba. The German economist bought shares in two vaccine manufacturers, Biotech and Kurevac. Classic ETF and MSCI World are also missing from their list. Other exciting investments from Schnabel: Zoom, Spotify, SAP, Disney, Bayer, BOSF.

About half do not own shares in governing bodies

But there are board members who are reluctant to invest in equities and do not invest in securities or funds. The following heads of national central banks include: Ignacio Visco (Italy), Bostjan Vassel (Slovenia), Yannis Stornarus (Greece), Gaston Reinesh (Luxembourg), Robert Holmesman (Austria), Pablo Hornes. These are not listed. Peter Casimir (Slovakia) overtook the list, and Gabriel Makhlouf (Ireland) wrote “No” in the form, meaning “nothing” in a short and painless way.

Disclosure of your investments is to ensure the transparency and independence of Europe’s leading central banker. From an investment perspective, the report shows that there are different investment strategies, sometimes conservative and low risk, sometimes with high dividends and sometimes investments in several individual stocks. For investors, the report is, after all, one thing: a pool of inspiration.

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