Lady Whistle Down: Nicola Coglan Bridgetton Has Family Problems – Streaming

Lady Whistle Down: Nicola Coglan Bridgetton Has Family Problems - Streaming

The second season of “Bridgeton” has been running on Netflix since March 25. Surely who can not be seen? Lady Whistle Down! But how does Nicola Coglan tick off in private?

One of the biggest mysteries of Bridgeton Season 1 is the revelation of the man behind the nickname Lady Whistledown. Finally it became clear to the viewer: Penelope is Featherington. She also plays a central character in the second season of the Netflix hit. Lady Whistle Down is played by Nicola Coglan (35). How does the Irish actually tick privately?

Nicola Coglan: ‘I’m not good at keeping secrets’

Koglan is a native of Galway, Ireland who studied English and classics. Followed by acting training at the Oxford School of Drama and the Birmingham School of Acting. She has been on the hit series “Dairy Girls” since 2018, and in 2020 was engaged to the Netflix hit “Bridgeton”. In an interview with “”, the 35-year-old reveals that, as in the series, she finds it difficult to keep secrets – which has caused outrage even within her family. “I’m not good at keeping secrets. Friends may trust me, but my own secrets should come out. I’m always excited.”

When Lady Whistledown got into the role, her whole family knew who she was. “None of them were particularly good at talking to me, and they could not enjoy the secrets of the show,” she told the portal. There are other similarities between her and her serial character, so both are very ambitious and take their projects very seriously. “I really identify with Penelope / Lady Whistledown.”

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Netflix hit “Bridgeton”: Penelope goes through a journey

In the second season of “Bridgerton”, as Coughlan explains in “”, you can learn one thing above all from Penelope / Lady Whistledown: “That true love does not always go smoothly, but it does come when you intend it with someone.” Penelope will then go on a “real journey”. “I really enjoyed playing it. You can see the traces of her past now.”

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