Lack of money for dentist, the British extracted 11 teeth at home

Posted on 10/08/2021 4:25 PM / Updated 10/8/2021 4:29 PM

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At the age of 42, Daniel Watts, a British man from Suffolk, pulled out 11 teeth from his home. 6 years ago, Danielle’s teeth began to feel soft and she sought a dentist through the NHS, a public health system, but she could not get in because of the long lines.

As the years passed, the tests became even weaker with the Kovid-19 Pandemic. With no money for personal treatment, as the pain got worse, Daniel saw no other way but to isolate it himself.

In a press interview Extra, Daniel explained that she had no dental skills and that she had inevitably done better. When asked what the tooth problem was, Watts said it was a gum disease and the teeth themselves were not bad.

Daniel extracted the teeth with a pliers and said the process was simple because it was practically loose. The remaining teeth are not in good condition and may be extracted.

Daniel gritted his teeth for Watts
Daniel gritted his teeth for Watts
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Now she needs teeth and said she will wait for help from the NHS as she cannot afford it.

Daniel’s disease is periodontitis, which is characterized by inflammation and damage to the gums and the bones that connect the teeth. Explained a dentist Extra With this bone loss, the teeth were only caught in the gums like teeth, so extraction from the house was possible.

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