La Palma volcanic eruption: An unusual image of a house miraculously surviving a lava flow

La Palma volcanic eruption: An unusual image of a house miraculously surviving a lava flow

In the aftermath of this tragic event, images of emptiness are being broadcast in media all over the world. Among them, this block.

The The lava flows Caused by The eruption of the volcanic Cumbre Viza, On the Spanish island Palm, In the archipelago Canaries, Forced the authorities to order a new one Evacuations In El Paso (center), according to local mayor Sergio Rodriguez.

6,000 residents were evacuated

Residents of the Tacon Alto district were evacuated later this Monday and after a new one Tuesday morning The flow of lava He was speaking to the Spanish television channel TVE from another eruption in the volcano in Cumbre Vieja National Park.
“The lava, on the way to the sea, was a little capricious, far from its course.”, He explains.
According to TVE, about 6,000 of the island’s 80,000 inhabitants had to flee their homes to escape the blast, the first in La Palma since 1971.
The volcano erupted on Sunday, spewing smoke and ash and engulfing forests and homes on the island off the northwest coast of Africa, causing an earthquake in the previous days.
The landslide caused extensive damage but no casualties.


Images of desolation are broadcast in media around the world. Among them, this block.

Photo Alfonso Escalaro Signed if not the “THE” snapshot of this tragic event. The house, which miraculously avoided the flow of lava, is surrounded by ruined terrain after the magma has passed. A scary photo, but some have already started calling it “Esperance” (hope) Sir Chain. The photo was taken in the area of ​​paradise “El Parazzo” and is very symbolic.

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On his part, Alfonso added a powerful caption to his photo Page Facebook : “Everything is like that in La Palma. Today, I do not dare to take pictures in daylight.”.

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