La Maggi de Dry Cleaning

La Maggi de Dry Cleaning

Last night, at La Moroquinery, Dry Cleaning took over the premises for an extraordinary concert, a Dantesouk evening we rarely see.

South London Mixed Quartet Dry Cleaning is one such group, as Bodega saw a few weeks ago. In the same room as before, it passes quickly. We do not know if they invented the magical recipe or simply found it Arrived To create something that exactly matches the time, his desires and needs. But, honestly, who cares a little, the most important thing is the music. Here we are simple and effective. No fuss, some minor effects on the guitar or bass, adding some whiplash that makes the drums feel good, where we have the group base and live and share well. Also, the mysterious element, a little more, is called Florence Shaw. We will not qualify her as a singer here just because she speaks. In a monotonous voice she announces her sentences, filled with a particular depression. The result is simply brilliant. Their tour with the album New Long Leg (2021) and a few EPs is remarkable and is just the beginning of a career that promises to be gigantic.

To start discussions, we reserve the right to change the entire register. Maria Somerville, an Irish woman, will carry out the mission alone. She grabs attention with her guitar behind a small table full of effect pedals and pads. In the silence of the church, she begins her set, despite having a stunningly complete leather goods for the first part. His guitar sounds like a halo of light, rapidly spreading across the room. Sometimes without words or electronic drums, the first part has everything calm and charming dream pop. Extremely gentle, we find a talented artist here, and we allow her to easily take herself into her universe, the real interval of time.

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The final spaces are crowded, your way seems to be impossible in the ditch or elsewhere, and La Moroquinery is bustling with great evenings. For a date that has been postponed several times, let’s say I want to find the band live. Also, the show lived up to expectations. After the stage change, the quartet falls to the stage and releases the first notes. The three musical instruments, in their respective areas, are excellent. Guitarist, talented, charismatic, very easily noticed. The drummer and bassist, more backwards, captures the house beautifully without overdoing it. But, once again, changing your eyes from the heroine of the day is quite complicated. The static behind his microphone, his magnetic sound, and his performance are brilliant. In the picture we can have when listening to group releases, she stays there, talking, taking, watching. You will swear she never once blinked. Also, considering the public response, we can say that this concert was a great success. Once customized, when leaving the room, the first reviews are dithyrambic, and Some They say they are lucky to have been able to attend such an extraordinary concert

Attribution Photo: Cover D Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg

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