Kovid’s fourth wave in Europe and America, why are infections on the rise? – Corriere.it

Kovid's fourth wave in Europe and America, why are infections on the rise?  - Corriere.it
From Laura Kuppini

European governments tighten rules for non-vaccinators. Although the percentage of people who have been vaccinated in Africa and Asia is low, this parable contains more

Look at the world map of infections (for example who) The fourth wave is dramatically concentrated in Europe and the United States, or – paradoxically – two areas where vaccination is rapidly advancing. The figures speak for themselves. United States: Approximately 600,000 new cases and more than 8,000 deaths per week (60% of the population is vaccinated using the full cycle); Europe: More than 2 million new cases and 28,000 deaths per week (65% of the vaccinated population); Africa: 10,000 new infections and 500 deaths per week (6% of the vaccinated population); Southeast Asian: 152 thousand cases and 3 thousand deaths per week (28% of the vaccinated population). Data for the first 15 days of November – fromWorld Health Organization (WHO) and Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A vicious circle

The World Health Organization itself has issued a warning Europe returns to the epicenter of the epidemic (Especially in Eastern countries) and in the coming months 500,000 people are likely to die from Kovid infection. The first week of November was in Europe compared to the end of October 10% increase in deaths and 7% increase in new infections. What’s happening? The variables are numerous: in the northern hemisphere the temperature decreases and we know that the circulation of the virus increases with the cold. Spending more time indoors, without adequate air exchange, shows that having more people in a room increases the risk of infection. Then there is the question of those who have not been vaccinated. Austria has introduced a lockdown targeting only those over 12 years of age who have not been vaccinated.. “My goal is not to prevent those who are not vaccinated, but to persuade them to get vaccinated,” said Austrian Chancellor Alexander Shalenberg. In the long run, vaccination is the only way out of the vicious circle we find. Other European countries are considering possible restrictions, and we hold on to Italy (and for a long time still) He crossed the green. However, as long as it is subjected to a swab every 48 hours (rapidly) or 72 hours (molecularly), it does not restrict non-vaccinated freedom of movement. Also, in the case of certification with a quick buffer Doubts have been raised The government announced The rules can be changed to celebrate Christmas.

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Strict rules

In Italy, 45.5 million people have completed the vaccination cycle but have not been vaccinated (including children under the age of 12 who have not yet been vaccinated). 14.5 million. A large basin for the circulation of the virus. If we consider Italy to be one of the fastest growing European countries in the vaccination campaign, the accounts will be completed soon. Governments need to review the rules of the game because of the virus rush. Targeting closures Austria The link between vaccinated and non-vaccinated is equivalent to a drastic reduction, they said. Bbc Eva Shernhammer, professor of medicine at the University of Vienna. Inn Germany
The new government has announced drastic measures such as the mandatory implementation of a tampon before traveling on public transport. On the opposite side of the line Great Britain, In the midst of increasing infections: instead of imposing restrictions (obligation to wear a mask has not even resumed), the vaccination campaign is focused on accelerating and offering third doses to everyone over the age of 40.

Infection has doubled in France

Inn France, With double the number of new daily infections (approximately 4,000 to 8,000) since the beginning of October, Mask has returned to primary schools, and the government is considering new measures. People over the age of 65 from December 15 will only get the green pass if they receive the third dose of the vaccine. There Greece A swab was set up for those who had not been vaccinated to access public services and shops. Countries where almost all people have been vaccinated are an exception. The Portugal (90% vaccination) relaxed the rules for health passes in early October. Inn Spain, 80% vaccination rate achieved, no certification required.

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Eastern Europe

On the contrary, the status ofEastern Europe. The Romania (Only 34% of the population has received full cycle vaccination) World’s highest per capita mortality rate from Kovid. Inn Bulgaria Hospitals are overcrowded with SARS-Cov-2-infected patients. Russia and Ukraine, Those with a vaccination rate of less than 50% introduce new restrictions.

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