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Kovid, Chrysanthemum: “English variant 70% in 15 days”

“The English variant goes from 10% to 60-70% in 15 days, the consequences of more than 2,000 deaths per day in England. We need to keep one thing in mind: politicians do not decide the agenda or experts decide the virus. This is the reality until we examine it, you have to calm your soul.” The warning was initiated by virologist Andrea Chrysanthemum, who spoke on Agora on Roy 3. The GB variant of the SARS-Covey-2 is intimidating due to its large broadcast. With regard to data indicating more lethality, Chrysanthemum is more cautious: “There is still a debate about lethality because it is very difficult to discriminate affecting the saturation of the health system. In many cases, obviously people pay close attention, so it is very difficult to uncover this confusing factor.” Looking back at the choices made at the end of the wave, the virologist ressed the need for time-bound action. “Walter Ricciardi did very well,” said Roberto Soparensa, an adviser to the Minister of Health, “to raise the alarm” about the need for a total lockdown. “Because even in the past, politicians were always late, always.” “I think Minister Sporanza was sometimes well advised, and sometimes less so, but of course he had to hesitate in the face of a partisan move if he had a problem,” the expert said. It may be in a situation close to Korea or New Zealand. But of course who had to open the beaches, who had to do the discos, it was a continuous one. The agenda I repeat is determined by the virus, not the politician or the businessman. “If we had locked down in December and checked out the variants now, Chrysanthemum is convinced that today we have the” ski “open. For the expert, it is unfortunate that the “decision to extend the cessation of these activities” was taken so quickly. I – he explained to Agori on Roy 3 – was the first person you always said needed transparency to say things well in advance to prepare. But it is also true that we first knew that there was a 17-18% incidence 5 days before the English variant, because it was finally sampled the first sweep 5 days ago and in Italy, it is clear that 17-18% could not be ignored. ā€¯However, we remember that this was done for the good of the Italians, not against anyone. The agenda here is determined by the virus, sometimes the English variant is 17%, do we know we should do it 5 days in advance? Should we be open to ensure that the plants spread with hundreds of deaths and reached 30-40%? “, Provocatively asked the Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology at Padua Hospital. . Professor of Microbiology at City University. “We needed a lockdown at Christmas – Christiani repeated – if we had done this, we would not have 20% variants, and we could have programmed this period in a completely different way. If there was no broadcast, there would be no spread variants, so we could have easily avoided getting to this point.”

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