Kovid, the case of India. From the myth of animal immunity to record infections now affecting younger ones as well

Kovid, the case of India.  From the myth of animal immunity to record infections now affecting younger ones as well

The immunity of cattle was a myth. The declining population-based infection in the world’s second-largest country has been a relief to local health authorities for weeks. And those who have observed this trend from the outside. at this timeIndia Quota exceeded 170 thousand people died (Fourth in number of deaths behind USA, Brazil and Mexico) Exceeds limit of 13.5 million cases (Second country after the USA). New wave affects young people more than a year ago: More than 65 per cent Delhi governor Most of the newly infected people are under the age of 45 and many children are hospitalized. There are two theories for this new destructive inflammation of infections.

Experts condemn the lowering of guards in the coming months with government approval Meetings of 3 million peopleLike the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage to Haridwar with the Ganges, the cricket match between India and the United Kingdom in Gujarat was attended by lakhs of spectators and huge political demonstrations for the elections in five states. On April 6, 800,000 people attended a meeting of the Prime Minister of West Bengal, and very few of them wore masks. But Indian scientists believe there may be a contribution Variant B1617 with mutations from two other variants already identified It makes it more contagious and enables antibodies to be avoided. In Maharashtra, the capital of Mumbai, doctors now have to deal with even 14-year-old patients.

India, the world’s largest vaccine maker, launched a partnership of more than 45 people in early April. According to the Ministry of Health, 100 million 450,000 Indians have been vaccinated since mid-January. , The start date of the campaign. India is ruled AstraZeneca, Also known as Bharat Biotech, also known as Kovshield and Kovaxin in the country. Another 64 million doses were distributed to 85 countries, some in the form of gifts, others under trade agreements between manufacturers and commissioning countries, and the rest under Kovacs, the World Health Organization’s plan for low-income countries. But India is now in crisis due to lack of doses. At least six states have complained that the vaccine supply will run out in the coming days. According to local media estimates, the 40 million doses ready for delivery at the rate of four million vaccinations per day will last for ten days. Several vaccination centers have already been closed in Mumbai, Kolhapur, Sangli and Satara districts.

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In the next few days, Congress leader Raul Gandhi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi Exports have been suspended Despite the country’s experience in large-scale vaccination campaigns, only one per cent of Indians have been vaccinated in three months. About half of the new infections are registered in Maharashtra. The government plans to return to the total lockdown after it has already been imposed on weekends. Ventilators ran out as patients flocked to hospitals in the Indian city of Pune.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Hindu devotees flocked HaridwarIn India, the precautionary measures against Kovid for bathing in the river Ganga on the eve of the crucial day of the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage were completely violated. Only those who show A are allowed to enter the river Negative test You wear a mask, but once you enter, people flock to the banks. Various media outlets are rising up against this madness, while social media is reacting by criticizing devotees, convincing them that the cleansing bath will protect them from the virus. But it is not just the pilgrimage that is frightening: elections are taking place in five major states of India, and parties are staging massive election demonstrations everywhere.

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