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Kovid patient dies because No Walk prompts him to be discharged from the hospital

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“Behold, they will kill you and put on your pants and come with me.” Let’s go home. You are safe. ” He is able to convince his friend, who was hospitalized due to a respiratory crisis, to follow him (coronavirus, live blog – number of pandemics).

News in the Irish newspapers


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Italian activist Antonio Muredu, who brought a Kovid patient out of the hospital, said the news of the far-right no-walk “Graviglio” echoed widely in Ireland, leading to a police investigation. On Sept. 14, Mureddu, a restaurant owner in County Galway with a long history of conspiracy and far-right activity, entered Letterkenny University Hospital with the goal of bringing his friend home. With a smartphone in his hand and a mask under his chin, Murdoch persuaded the old man to refuse treatment and leave the hospital despite the opposite advice from doctors: “He has the right to decide, but I do not think so. You’re right, he’s hard to breathe, and we want you to be here to help him. Joe Macaron, 67, a former DJ and public figure in County Dongal, died a few days later.

The investigation is progressing


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AccordinglyIrish Times He would have acted with the help of Murdoch Common Law Information Center Associated with it. It is an anti-system group that promotes the application of the law only on the basis of the consent of individuals and challenges the competence of magistrates and courts to adjudicate. Murdoch says he received a request for help directly from Joe McCarron on his Telegram channel. It is now up to investigators to completely reconstruct the story and establish whether Murdoch’s intervention in connection with the 67 – year – old’s will was in any way compelling.

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