Kovid Europe and the Fourth Wave. Vaccine, Test, Lockdown: Strategies

Kovid Europe and the Fourth Wave.  Vaccine, Test, Lockdown: Strategies

The third dose of the London Wax is expected, Germany prepares the army, and Austria decides the lockdown today For non-vaccination. The fourth wave of Kovid frightens Europe and every country, fights thousands of infections, and devises its own strategy for dealing with emergencies.

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Record epidemics pushed it Germany restores swabs and tests for free, Deleted a few weeks ago. The country records 45,081 new cases and record incidents a day: 277.4 positive per 100,000 residents. The film, which has completed 228 deaths, sounds a new alarm.

“We have a difficult week ahead of us,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel, urging those who have not yet done so to get vaccinated. The Chancellor stressed that the situation was more or less serious a year before the need for a partial lockdown that lasted for months. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Germans. “We need to take advantage of this quickly. I urge you to join in and convince your family and friends,” Merkel said.

Germany is preparing to mobilize 12,000 troops to control the situation and assist health services. Der Spiegel hoped the army would take action by Christmas. The tasks assigned to them include the distribution of third-dose vaccines and inspections of retirement homes and hospitals. There are currently 630 troops in the field.

Great Britain

The third dose of Covid Wax is expected in London. The government will allow citizens to receive the booster dose within 5 months, not 6 months after the end of the standard vaccination course. The goal is to reduce stress in health care and hospitals as winter approaches, the Guardian writes.

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It is unclear whether the new proposal will only apply to England or extend to the entire UK. Anyway, for millions of people, the third dose will arrive earlier. 12 million third doses have already been delivered across the channel, but this process – depending on the health system – needs to be streamlined and accelerated. At the same time, cCovid affected 38,351 new infections in the last 24 hours and 157 deaths in the same period.


Today is an important day in Austria: The green light in Vienna is expected to start the lockdown for those who have not been vaccinated Tomorrow starts Monday, November 15th. According to a draft proposal, the measures will remain in effect until November 24, the agency expects the DPA. The waist is essential to “avoid the breakdown of the health system”.

The text will be discussed today with leaders in federal government areas, the process should not be shaken and the green light should come on in the evening. Know the rules: Those who have not been vaccinated or cured of covid can, as in previous lockdowns, go to work, shop, or train outside for physical or mental health needs in an emergency. Religious worship. Children under 12 are excluded.


In France, the focus is on intensive care: the number of patients hospitalized in critical areas has risen to 1,202. The rest, 234 people have been hospitalized with covid in France in the past 24 hours, health officials said. In the last seven days, an average of 314 admissions were received per day, which seems to have stabilized, as well as the number of hospital admissions being 33 per day.

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