Kovid, EU 4 Italian regions included in the ‘dark red’ zone

Kovid, EU 4 Italian regions included in the 'dark red' zone

Change the Italian map. The new ‘Dark Red’ zone, launched by the European Union, will include four regions. A public outcry against Kovid was announced in recent days by European Union President Ursula von Der Lane. Areas in the dark red zone have different and important restrictions: you must have a buffer before departure and ship on arrival. Exemptions are provided for cross-border workers and students who have to travel for health reasons or serious family problems (including funerals and visits to relatives of patients in a terminal state) and those who work in transportation. Region.

The European map, which now covers these Italian territories, is a malignant projection of more than 500 infected areas per 100,000 inhabitants over the past 14 days. “The introduction of dark red zones in high – risk areas of Europe is a way to discourage and restrict international travel, including the imposition of border sanctions or travel bans and measures that seriously affect the economy but do not limit the spread of the virus,” the commission said in a statement. Continue after the photo

The new official official map, ECDC, will be published in the coming days after further testing. In addition to the Italian territory, the Iberian Peninsula is dark red, with the exception of the northern part (from Galicia to the Basque Country), some southern and central regions of France, the whole of Ireland, part of Germany, the Czech Republic, parts of Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and Sweden. Continue after the photo

Finland, Norway and Greece remain orange, they are still green and have fewer infections. There are four Italian territories that have been included in the “dark red” territories launched by the European Union: Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli, Venezuela, Giulia, and the autonomous province of Bolzano. Continue after the photo

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In addition to restrictions on “deep red” territory, Europe strongly advises against unnecessary travel between individual countries and EU countries. Moreover, new and more stringent restrictions are being proposed for those entering the continent from outside the Union’s borders: trials and embargoes on all, and those with travel documents (such as residents) even entering Europe within its outer borders. . Closed since March.

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