Kovid-19: Will the “personal convenience” tests be completed soon?

Kovid-19: Will the "personal convenience" tests be completed soon?

Should we end genetic access to some Covid-19 screening tests in France? In any case it will be relevant in the opinion of the Academy of Medicine, which suggests that some PCR or antigenic tests suspected of diverting a section of the population from vaccination will no longer be given. “Better vaccination is better than repeated tests to defeat Kovid-19”The June 23 press release summarizes the Parisian institution.

Although diagnostic tests are no longer on the agenda, tests are needed to diagnose Kovid’s symptoms or contact with the patient. “Introduced for personal convenience” There are views of the learned community among the unknown. It would probably encourage some French people to get vaccinated. To measure the impact of this decision on vaccination compliance, it promotes observational exercise.

It affects those who train in anticipation of a trip, a concert, a stay with friends or a reunion involving a lot of people.

In addition to the interest of such a proposal to resume vaccination, the Academy believes it will also reduce the cost of social security. “We should try it, because this line of people who are still reluctant to get vaccinated is using the possibility of being over-tested. It is very costly and vaccine-free for the community and it is better to vaccinate them.”Professor Yves Busan, President of the Kovid-19 Group at the Academy of Medicine RTL.

As a standard, although the epidemic has been declining for several weeks, there are still more than a million tests a week, each of which costs between 50 and 100 euros for social security.

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