Kovid-19, Vaccines: Government Promises “Visibility”

Kovid-19, Vaccines: Government Promises "Visibility"

New curfew? Which calendar is for culture, catering and school resorts? Jean Castex on Thursday seeks to give “more visibility” to areas affected by the health crisis before taking “heavy” action next week.

Prime Minister and Minister of Health Olivier Warren will hold a press conference at 6:00 p.m.

Tourism Secretary of State Jean-Baptiste Lemoine told AFP on Wednesday evening that school lifts at school resorts would not be reopened under any circumstances as initially planned. New Cases (Revival of Kovid-19) “.

Jean-Franോois Del Friesy, President of the Government-led Scientific Council, believes that “things are getting better now than in other European countries”, some of which have chosen to go through prison, including schools (England, Ireland, Scotland) or to extend closure (Germany)

With more than 25,000 Kovid cases confirmed on Wednesday, “we are reaching alarming figures,” he warns. “In the middle of next week,” he said, knowing the figures for the pollution over the holidays, “it may be time to discuss the heavier measures”, casting a shadow over the third prison.

– “Fiasco” –

Mr. Delfriesi already suggests that “everything should be done to delay” the circulation of the variant virus, which is becoming more contagious and is being observed “like milk in the fire.” While waiting for vaccination, there is a “wonderful prospect”. He said 12 to 14 million French people would be vaccinated “by mid-April”.

Gabriel Atoll spoke about “a schedule of gradual resumptions” of cultural places. It starts with “some actors” and “then others” like museums.

The government hopes to reopen bars and restaurants that may not be able to resume operations on January 21 as planned.

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Jean Castex should also indicate whether an innovative curfew will affect new departments at 6:00 pm instead of 8:00 pm, as in the case of 15 departments from the end of the month. “It’s a card that can be expanded in one direction or another,” the spokesman said.

In the wake of the opposition’s criticism of the immunization strategy, Jean Costex, who is due to join the government’s “Mr. Vaccines” Alan Fisher on Thursday, also promised to speak “at length” on the issue. , After condemning the sterile controversy of “never saving lives”.

Strengthening their institution in this area, right-wing elected officials address the “fall” of vaccination, explaining the burden of governance or the “failure” of Emmanuel Macron.

– Emergency –

The Office of the Minister of Health announced on Tuesday afternoon that 12,500 people had been vaccinated this Wednesday.

The government has promised to expedite all health professionals over the age of 50 from receiving popular vaccinations without delay or in hospitals, especially for residents and nursing home staff.

Olivier Warren, who will be heard by the Senate Social Affairs Committee on Jan. 12, plans to open vaccinations to all people over the age of 75 at dedicated centers in the city before the end of January. “We are opening 100 centers for the city,” he said, adding that 300 will be opened next week and 500 next week.

There is also the question of available doses. The government says that out of the 500,000 weekly doses of Pfizer / Biotech vaccine, 200,000 doses should be added to the “first month” and then the vaccine from American Modona “500,000 per month”.

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The Prime Minister can also explain the exact missions of McKinsey & Company, a private consulting firm, which will now assist the government in vaccine strategy.

He will discuss the expansion of the health emergency. The release says the government will be able to establish a health emergency by June 1 and impose transition conditions by December 31, 2021.

In the last 24 hours, 25,379 new Kovid-19 cases have been reported. The number of hospital admissions has dropped slightly. Of the 291 deaths at the hospital, 66,565 died after the outbreak began.

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