Kovid-19: The “big” pandemic of non-vaccinated people affected Germany

Kovid-19: The "big" pandemic of non-vaccinated people affected Germany

When Germany faces an epidemic “Big” Health Minister Jens Span on Wednesday called on all non-vaccinated, potential health-affected areas to tighten rules for those who do not get vaccinated in the event of an outbreak of infections, or to bar entry to certain public places or to conduct expensive PCR screenings. . Some, like East Saxony or Baden-Wട്ടംrttemberg, have or are going to implement such measures.

“This is not harassment” Against not taking immunizations, but “To Avoid Saturation of the Health System”, The Conservative Minister stressed at a press conference, that intensive care beds are starting to run out again.

The minister said he wanted to expedite the booster vaccination currently recommended for those over 70, six months after the first vaccination. “The fourth wave of Pandemic is unfortunately developing as we feared, because the number of people vaccinated is not enough.”Lothar Wyler, president of the Institute of Sanitary Watch, added that he regrets that entry rules in public places, restaurants or theaters have not always been adequately enforced.

Earlier this weekend, outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her concern. It’s hours “Return to some negligence”, She lamented. While defending the need for vaccination in the country, she declared herself “Very upset” That “Two to three million Germans over the age of 60 have not yet been vaccinated.”

According to the latest figures from RKI, 55.6 million people received the two-dose vaccine, or 66.8% of the population. Kovid-19 cases have been on the rise in Germany since the fall. On Wednesday, the RKI reported 20,000 new cases and 194 deaths in 24 hours.

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