Kovid 19. Switzerland is also tightening the rules

Kovid 19. Switzerland is also tightening the rules

Swiss Health Minister Alan Berzet told the media that the situation in hospitals was “worrying”.

“We have 150 hospitals every day. In the intensive care unit, the country tripled from 100 patients in November to mid – December. The 300-patient bar arrived Monday, and beyond that optimal care for all patients is no longer possible.

The government is now advising hospitals to abandon operations. “We have no legal basis to go further,” he told a news conference. The Federal Council will contact the cantons to learn how to strengthen hospital capacity.

The time limit for recall has been shortened

The Federal Council has reduced the deadline for access to booster vaccinations from six to four months, fearing a sharp rise in the number of infections in the omega-3 variant by Christmas.

Following a meeting that began last Friday, the Federal Council decided to tighten measures against the epidemic. The goal is to protect hospital structures from being overloaded as much as possible, and to avoid shutting down operations, Berset explained. The so-called 2G Rule (Vaccinated or Cured, ” Recovered by immunization യിൽ in German) will be generalized for interior spaces. Access to restaurants, cultural, sports or leisure and indoor events is no longer possible with a simple negative check. This measure, which aims to reduce the risk of infection in people who have not been vaccinated, comes with the obligation to wear a mask and eat while sitting.

If this is not possible, a negative covid test should be produced in addition to proving vaccination or cure (“2G +”). This rule also applies to bars, nightclubs, and some non-professional sporting or cultural activities, such as choir rehearsals or wind instruments. Children under the age of sixteen are not affected. An exception has been added after the consultation: vaccination, booster vaccination or recovery are exempt from the obligation to test people under four months of age.

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This rule may apply voluntarily to organizations or events that are subject to the 2G Act. So they do not have to wear masks and eat. For outdoor events that bring more than 300 people together, the 3G rule will remain valid.

Restrictions on private circle

Restrictions have also been imposed on the private sector. If a person over the age of sixteen has not been vaccinated or cured, the limit is set at ten, including children. If all adults were vaccinated or cured, it would increase to 30 people and up to 50 people outside. The Federal Council underlines the experience that the risk of infection in the private sector is very high.

Telework is once again being made mandatory to reduce contact and control of the epidemic. If you can not work remotely, the mask is mandatory in rooms with more than one person.

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