Kovid-19 lit up again on the European side

Une femme se fait tester à Paris, comme des centaines de milliers d'Européens chaque jour.

Posted December. 2020 at 10:00

Exception. While one might believe that the second wave is over, the Kovid-19 epidemic is re-emerging in Europe, though not everywhere, causing a false epidemic. Most European countries are pushing for tougher restrictions on social contacts or re-imposing restrictions this weekend …

As a result of the converted N501Y, the daily flow of infected people is particularly worrisome, especially in Great Britain. This prompted more than 50 countries to suspend flights to London. The number of people testing positive every day across the channel is six times the highest in April, halving the total death toll to 460 deaths per day. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in Ireland, but the death toll remains stagnant at… 5 per day.

Germany ate its white bread

Germany, cited so far as an example, found 31,000 positive cases per day, six times more than the worst in the spring, 994 deaths on Tuesday, or three times the highest rate in April. It is one of the few countries in the world, with Russia, where the second wave is more deadly than the first. The influx of new cases in Spain and the Netherlands is on the rise again.

On the other hand, flows are declining significantly in Italy, as well as in ten days in France (11,800 new positives on Tuesday, five times lower than the November 5 high, with only 2,728 patients in intensive care in November alone), Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, and Belgium.

Between waves one to four

The gap between European countries is further exacerbated by the epidemic of “waves”; The curves revealed by Johns Hopkins University or Weldometer indicate that the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Denmark, Chechnya, Bulgaria and Serbia are facing a third wave. For two weeks, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and Russia are still in second place. Poland is facing the first wave, while Spain is in pain as one of the few countries in the world to face what seems to be the fourth wave!

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The inequality between countries with short-lived barriers, usually similarly immune, is not due to “behavioral relaxation” or inappropriate policies for the resurgence of infections. Seasonal factors or population genetics may also play a role in more or less cold and humid autumn. The immunization campaign on December 8 and Sunday in the United Kingdom and other major European countries are hopeful again, with the latest data revealing that another factor of optimism is that, besides Germany, the number of deaths from Kovid-19 is not currently rising significantly in any European country.

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