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Kovid-19 Ireland: Leading doctor warns of inevitable increase in deaths and admits ‘concern’ in one area

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A good doctor has warned that there is an “inevitable” increase Coronavirus deaths If the number of cases is increasing in Ireland.

Professor Sam McConaughey says that if “today’s lifestyle” continues, vulnerable people will start getting sick again.

Infectious disease experts also expressed concern that the tests were not adequate to bring people with Kovid-19 into the country.

He told Newstock Breakfast: “Unfortunately, once the restrictions on our way of life are reduced, the number gradually increases.

Grafton Street Dublin.

“What this tells us is that either number will be allowed to drag on, which I fear will inevitably lead to more hospitals and more deaths, more elderly people in the ICU, more people getting it and more outbreaks in vulnerable groups. It was a national disaster in March and April.

“Or we’ll have to change how we do things. We do not like these restrictions on closing everything down, and obviously we do not want to live with it. So can we find another way?”

“I think we need to copy and learn from what happened in Germany and South Korea. Some of the things they do are different from ours.”

He said it was a “legitimate concern” that travelers to Ireland could be tested negative and later develop symptoms of the corona virus. McConaughey agreed.

Professor Sam McConaughey

He added: “As we have all learned from cervical screening problems over the past several years, erroneous suggestions occur in every diagnostic test.

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“Similar to the COVID-19 PCR test, for a variety of reasons that cannot be resolved, due to the lack of sufficient amount to pick up the virus at an early stage.

“False-negative tests are the reality of every health care system, diagnostic test and screening, and there is nothing you can do to change it.”

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