Kovid-19: Health pass in progress in Europe

Kovid-19: Health pass in progress in Europe


They were closed for a year and four months. Irish pubs reopened on Monday, For the first time since March 2020. However, only people who have been fully vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID-19 within the last six months will benefit from the room reception.

“There are rules, This pub boss said, We’ll respecting the steps, but we’re normally trying to reopen, we’ve lost it, and our users have lost it. “


In Italy, we began to use the concept of the Health Pass for small everyday pleasures, such as having lunch at a restaurant or going to the gym. Valuable document will be required by many institutions from August 6th.


In France, with more than 20,000 new cases per day, Health passes are now mandatory in restaurants, cafes, on trains and on planes. Health care professionals now have an obligation to vaccinate.


The Netherlands, which has a declining number of new infections, does not have a vaccination passport, but the color codes of European countries used by the Dutch to celebrate the holidays.

Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister: “We want to give more accuracy to people traveling abroad, but at the same time, we want to tighten the need for screening for people returning from vacation to avoid re-emergence in the fall. The risk of infections is likely to increase in August and autumn.”


This is the first time that foreign sailors can now be vaccinated in Belgian ports. Johnson, who was passing through Belgium, received an injection of the Johnson vaccine and returned to sea.

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