Kovid-19 – Face O virus, limited to Europe

Kovid-19 - Face O virus, limited to Europe

In the face of the return of the Kovid-19 epidemic, many European countries have set or established restrictions.

The Saxony, Germany Most affected by the new wave ofKovid-19 Infectious Disease, A is considering the matter of restoration Partial control, Federal and regional leaders of the country will hold talks in the afternoon, German media reported on Thursday Sanitation measures are being tightened at the national level.
The Saxony has the lowest vaccination rate and the highest development rateGermany, Theaters, sports arenas, bars and nightclubs could be closed again, the newspaper said. Image.
“This alliance is ready to impose a strong and clear dyke from now on.”, Saxony Minister-President Michael Kretschmer told the local parliament, according to Bild.
He added that details of the project would be finalized this week.
Located in the eastern part of the country, Saxony is the stronghold of the far-right Alternative for Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, and many of its supporters are reluctant. Vaccination And opposition to control measures to combat itInfectious disease.
Half the people showed this in the Forza poll released this month Not vaccinated Respondents in the last federal election in September voted for the AfD.
Leaders of the federal government and Lander meet Thursday afternoon to discuss a national policy to fight the epidemic, as the number of infections in the country reaches record highs every day, even if the increase is slightly lower from now on.
This new wave of epidemic, which is spreading across Europe, is coming to Germany at a particular time, Merkel’s conservative power is in complete transition between the Social Democrats, an alliance of environmentalists and liberals formed in the wake of the September election.

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“Container for non-vaccinated” in Slovakia

The tripartite alliance passed a law in the Bundestag on Thursday approving a number of measures to combat this resurgence of the epidemic. Kovid-19. The text will be tabled in the upper house of parliament, the Bundesliga, on Friday.
This reinforces some of the measures already in place, for example, in addition to wearing a mask, proof of vaccination, cure, or a negative screening test is required to enter public transportation or the workplace.
It also empowers the lander to take a certain number of steps depending on the severity and rate of their health condition.‘Infection It is currently very high in East and South Germany.
These two parts of the country are very close Czech Republic And some Slovakia, This Thursday they also announced that they will tighten their respective measures, and Austria has already decided on a kind of control for non-vaccinated people.
From Monday, the Czech government announced that only people would be vaccinated or recover Kovid-19 There will be access to many public places or events, such as restaurants or hotels.
On Slovakia, Also announced by Prime Minister Edward Heger “Restrictions on Non-Vaccines”, If not recovered then no one will have access anymore Kovid-19 During the past six months, I’m going to restaurants, shopping centers, public meetings, or businesses that I think are unnecessary.
Similar measures have been introduced recently Austria Not yet allowed to blockIncreased pollution In the country, it has not yet arrived Thursday’s record with 15,145 new cases, Pressure mounts to impose on Alexander Shalenberg’s government Total controls at the national level.
In the absence of such a decision, Lander and Salzburg in Upper Austria plan to jointly establish their own local controls.
A meeting between the governors of Lander and Alexander Shalenberg is scheduled for Friday with his Minister of Health, Wolfgang Maxstein.

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