Kovid-19 does not exclude the already very poor health system

Kovid-19 does not exclude the already very poor health system

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In Ireland, the epidemic not only created problems in hospitals, but also made existing ones worse. In the country, it is better not to get sick: waiting lists are growing; One in five Irish people are currently waiting for treatment

With our correspondent in Dublin, Emeline wine

At least 900,000 people are on the waiting list at HSE, Ireland’s health care system, for acute and short – term care; 20,000 of them have been waiting for more than a year, and in ten years this number has increased by 100.


Clearly, the epidemic has slowed the care of all non-Kovid patients. But for the Irish Association of Hospital Specialists, this has exacerbated long-term problems. Ireland has one of the lowest rates of critical care beds in Europe, as well as the busiest hospitals in the world. The Health Authority considers the infrastructure inadequate.

In addition, 700 specialist positions are not found. An issue since 2012 and new regulatory conditions that are more restrictive and unattractive for young doctors.


Hospitals treat patients in a more advanced stage due to poor condition and lack of professionals, they need more advanced care and therefore need to stay longer. The government should present its action plan against extending the waiting lists by the end of the month.

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