Kovid-19: Bill Gates warns against new variant

Kovid-19: Bill Gates warns against new variant

Bill Gates, one of the most important voices since the beginning of Pandemic, assures us that Kovid-19 will still affect our lives forever.

“The nightmare is not over. There is a 5% chance of developing a more viral, contagious, and deadly variant, ”the Microsoft founder told the Financial Times, adding that there is an urgent need to develop vaccines that prevent infection and are highly viable.

“It is insane to see this tragedy approaching without implementing the means necessary for the good of the citizens of this world. The amount invested in health systems is very small and the risk of an infectious disease is not taken seriously. This is a disaster because all this money saves lives. It costs less than $ 1,000 to save a life.

“To avoid another COVID-19 or worse – the world needs a full-time paid team, whose only job is to prevent infectious diseases,” Bill Gates said on his Twitter account.

“How can the next pandemic be avoided?” A suggestion he developed in his latest book, to be published on May 4, entitled. The U.S. needs to be vigilant and urge the creation of a team of international experts, including epidemiologists and computer scientists, controlled by the World Health Organization.

This global effort will help identify and isolate threats and predict infectious diseases that may affect the future of mankind.

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