Kovid-19: Authorities recruit foreign “spies” to infiltrate illegal parties in Ibiza

Kovid-19: Authorities recruit foreign "spies" to infiltrate illegal parties in Ibiza

Want to play Infiltrators one evening? It is now possible in Ibiza. The island’s authorities are forming a team of foreign “spies” to infiltrate parties that do not comply with existing local regulations to fight the Kovid-19 Pandemic. Their mission is to detect and report these illegal gatherings to the authorities Patron.

An island famous for its nightlife, the Kovid-19 incident rate has skyrocketed over the past two weeks. This is currently 1,814 cases per 100,000 inhabitants of the island. As In many Spanish citiesMost nightclubs are already closed, except for those capable of hosting outdoor outdoor events where patrons sit. Gatherings in bars and restaurants are limited to small groups, and the authorities increase the fines for organizers of illegal parties: the fine will now rise to 600,000 euros.

Looking for foreign tourists in their 30s and 40s

Despite the sanctions, illegal gatherings in hotels or private homes are on the rise. “This is not just a matter of public order as it has always been, but now such incidents pose a clear risk to people’s health. Not only are tourists identified at these festivals, but residents and seasonal workers mingle with the rest of the population, and who, if infected, can cause major health problems, ”said Mariano Juan, a local official. Journal Diario de Ibiza. Police say it is difficult for locals to infiltrate because they know. So we need to seek outside help, ”he added. The city of Ibiza is now choosing a new option: to hire a team of foreign informers to condemn these mergers.

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Profile searched? Foreigners between the ages of 30 and 40. For two weeks the authorities have been looking at it with difficulty: “It’s not easy,” Mariano Juan explains. Although candidates have a long way to go, Mariano Juan is confident that the initiative will pay off: “I have no doubt that it will work this summer (…) to maintain the health of Ibiza. “

The plan of the foreign infiltrators was strongly criticized by the political class. The Socialist Party, which leads the local government, which includes Ibiza, mally formally opposes it. A spokesman, Vincent Torres, called on island officials to make “serious proposals with a legal basis” instead of “starting with ideas that we cannot accept and acting irresponsibly”.

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