Klopp and Wignold label Everton approach ‘unacceptable’

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp and midfielder Giorgino Vignaldum have been out of the Champions League opener against Virgil van Dijk Jona Ajax for months when Thiago Alcatara ruled Everton tackles went into their doom.

Van Dyke’s injury is a major blow to their long – term hopes of retaining the Premier League title and going deep back into Europe. The injury pattern still holds a place in the Reds team.

Wijnaldam, a member of his Holland team, said that Jordan Pickford’s top challenge was “ridiculous” and that Everton were “going too far in the game we play against them”.

Jordan Pickford’s challenge to Virgil van Diege led to widespread criticism (Lawrence Griffiths / PA)

“We know this is a derby, everyone wants to win, so sometimes you go up a little bit, but it was a lot,” the Dutchman said.

The tackle from Richardson in Thiago was also a bad thing.

“There are always accidents in football. You can be unlucky in an argument and hurt someone, but you can’t fully accept the way they do it.”

Klopp said both challenges are hard to accept.

“Injuries happen in football, often in challenges, but often both players try to play ball,” he said.

“It was not like that in these two challenges, it’s very different and hard to take.”

The number of questions you ask, I think we all struggle with this

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp talks about how his team will cope

The pundits have already started writing Liverpool’s season without Van Dyck, but this has further angered Klopp.

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The fact that he will be paired with midfielder Fabinhoy and center back with Joe Gomez did not help his mood.

“I am old. I know what the world is like. I know what people are doing. A lot of people talk before they think, ”he said.

“We have a situation. We’re here without Virgil Van Dij and Joel Matt, we’ll give it a try. What can we do now?

“People can say what they want, it’s a free world, but three weeks ago they said, we will run away (with the league).

“Now, three weeks later, we are not arguing over anything. That is football. That is the world now. We can’t get excited. We must remain calm.

“Why do I think boys can’t handle this situation? But the number of questions you ask indicates that we all struggle with it.

“So do we have to prove you wrong? I do not even want to prove you wrong. I am only interested in the best for Liverpool and my players.

“I hope the results of the next few weeks will calm you all down, but I can’t promise it.”

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