Kitchen Impossible: Tim Malser Disappointed For Fish Soup – TV

Kitchen Impossible: Tim Malser Disappointed For Fish Soup - TV

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TV chef Tim Malser, 51, competed again against a culinary rival on Sunday evening. Challenger Alain Weissgerber sent Malser to Austria for the film “Kitchen Impossible”.

But even before he took the first kitchen pot, Malser was confident of victory again, defaming his opponent: “He can use a little more steam in his pants.”

On the way to Oggau on New Sidel Lake, the Malters must get acquainted with the “Pannonian cuisine”. A word he had never heard before: “Pannonian cuisine. Again, what exactly is that? No idea. “

Mälzer’s Challenger Alain WeissgerberPhoto: RTL / Endemol Shine

But as the family who welcomed him did, he soon realized that he too was in the midst of beautiful vineyards: Stephanie Sheppey-Eslebok, the sister-in-law of Alain Weissgerber, and her husband. The sweaty maltster could not believe his eyes: “There they are plucking leaves in the scorching sun in the vineyards!”

Maltster is good for birds

But it was not long before Malser’s attention was drawn. A flying rooster aroused the competitor’s heart: “Tell me, did you run into a fence, or what? My little rooster …” He grabbed the beast, laid it in a safe place, and boasted: “Chicken whispers. Man who defies the forces of nature!”

A chicken won the heart of a TV chef

A chicken won the heart of a TV chefPhoto: RTL / Endemol Shine

After seeing so many horns, Malser even realized a prophecy: “How beautiful. Would it be nice to see a beak? They bring babies, don’t they? Or maybe they can help me snatch another historic victory from the womb of victory!”

Fish soup turns into a rubber flop

However, his various feathered friends could not help him in waiting for him soon. Mälzer saw the challenge of “Pannonian fish soup” only as a nonsense: “Now I do not know where to fail.” Even the dumplings in the TV chef soup were recognizable at a glance: “This is a fish farce.”

Weisserberg’s sister – in – law did not even bother to give him the fish soup template. He joked: “What suits me best is the slowness with which she works.”

The loud sounds of the star cook spitting – but it quickly turned into poison and bile. First, Malsar had to go to the fishmonger because he had accidentally thrown the precious fish skin into the pot. Shortly afterwards there was a fish bread tragedy. After having to serve several kitchen machines, it was difficult to identify the result.

Stephanie looked disgusted: “This is a rubber substance.” Malser tried again – even worse result. In frustration he murmured: “The same mass that used to be like Bockhurst began to crumble when cooked.”

What followed was a malleable strategy, nothing more. The chef kept cursing: “F ***! I hate myself.” He even thought of parting: “It was a moment I wanted to give up.”

After serving fish soup to guests, Tim Malser lay down at a table and continued to insult himself: “Oh, what a fool. God, God, what a fool I am!”

Alain Weissgerber (L.) Tim Mസർller in Sch‌tsen Am Geberg

Alain Weissgerber (L.) Tim Mസർller in Sch‌tsen Am GebergPhoto: RTL / Image Alliance / Marcus Wash

However, the guests did not see it that way: Malser got 7.5 points for fish soup, which he thought was lost. The final disappointment awaited him in Ireland: his rapeseed ice cream composition with pumpkin seed crackers scored just 4.5 points.

For Alain Weissgerber, this means a resounding victory over Tim Malser: he won this “Kitchen Impossible” episode by a score of 12.6 to 12.0.

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