Kitbag: The Napoleonic Project by Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix (…)

Kitbag: The Napoleonic Project by Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix (...)

Apple Studios is committed to funding and production Kitbag, Pope Napoleon Bonaparte, directed by Ridley Scott with Oscar winner The Joker, Starring Joaquin Phoenix as French emperor and military leader. Production will begin in the UK in early 2022.

Last October, Deadline revealed that Scott and Phoenix wanted to rejoin the team in the film, which was scripted by David Scorpa. He wrote All the money in the world, A kidnapping drama directed by Scott. Scott Free’s contract with Twentieth Century Studio asked him to show it last fall, but it was free until the end of the year, and the global rights agreement was signed at the studio for the past 2 weeks. Apple contracted to Scott Free for television projects.

“Napoleon is a person who has always fascinated me,” said Scott Deadline. “He came from nowhere to run all this, but during a love war with his adulterous wife, Josephine. He conquered the world in an attempt to win his love, and when he could not, he conquered it to destroy it and destroy himself in the process.

Scott had long wanted to make a film about Napoleon, but other great filmmakers, such as the late Stanley Kubrick, had failed, but Scott’s key was to be an actor. Scott saw Phoenix’s ability to do something similar when he directed the play by the Roman leader Commodus. Gladiator, Won the Best Picture Award in 2000.

“No actor can portray Napoleon like Joaquin,” Scott said. He created one of the most complex emperors in film history Gladiator, We will create another with his Napoleon. This is a great story written by David Scorpio, and today there is no better partner than Apple to bring such a story to a global audience. “

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The title of the film is taken from the proverb, “Every soldier has a general staff hidden in his package.” The film is a real and personal view of Napoleon’s origins, as well as his quick and cruel ascent to the emperor, through the prism of a dependent and often unstable relationship with his wife and true love, Joseph. The purpose of the film is to capture Napoleon ‘s famous battles as an extraordinary military leader and war spectator, his persistent ambition, and his astonishingly strategic mind.

This is another major commitment for Apple, led by Zack van Amberg and Jamie Ehrlich in Apple Worldwide Video, which begins to show how they plan to play a role in the streaming ecosystem. It will not focus on volumes like Netflix or Disney +, but that means Apple will not be stepping into a major film bundle. On Apple TV +.

Agreement Kitbag At least the financial limit that Apple Studio entered in the last fall to acquire global rights Liberation. William n. Directed by Will Smith and starring Antoine Fuqua in the action thriller written by Collage, the film tells the tragic escape of the runaway slave Peter. He traveled north to join the Union Army. Apple is also committed GreyhoundWorld War II drama Tom Hanks wrote and starred for director Aaron Schneider, which premiered last July. And Pushpachandran’s killers, A $ 180 million adaptation of David Gran’s book by Eric Roth, starring Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

O-del d Greyhound, Apple has several films running in the award season Icy Directed by Sophia Coppola, Rashida Jones and Bill Murray Boys State, Animated film Wolf Walkers Next Cherry, Is the first film directed by Joe & Anthony Russo Avengers: The End Game. Starring Tom Holland and Sierra Bravo.

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Despite an epidemic that was hampering the progress of many filmmakers, Walsh continued his all-time aspiration for a Scott Free ban. Scott recently completed The Last Dual, Screenplay by Nicole Holofssener, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon for Twentieth Century Studios. After the end of the pandemic, Scott resumed production and ceased production in Ireland under strict protocols. In this play, which describes one of the last legally allowed duels in France by Damon, Adam Driver, Jodi Gomer, and Affleck, Charles VI (Affleck) pleads guilty to sexually abusing his wife (Gomer) in 1386 for sexually abusing his wife (Comer). .

In March, Scott begins production in Italy Gucci, MGM drama starring Lady Gaga as the murdered Patricia Reggiani, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, and Jeremy Irons. Produced by Scott, Giannina Scott and Walsh. Kitbag Will follow.

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